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Join The Growing BC Interruption Community On Fancred

Want to talk BC on the go? Want to be updated on BC Interruption even more? Join the BCI community on Fancred!

Today is a special day for growing social media platform entitled "Fancred". They are re-releasing, rebranding it Francred 2, giving the app and site all sorts of new features and a tight new look. But I am not here to pimp their platform because they are doing fine on their own. I am here to ask you, the BC Interruption reader to join Fancred and here is why:

-- Just like Twitter and Facebook you get up to the moment updates on all things BC. The BCI account posts our articles, gives hot BC takes, and gives you the reader the opportunity to give us your thoughts on all things BC!

-- You get to meet and interact with a whole bevy of other BC fans out there. There are guys from the Heights, Soaring to Glory and BC alumni and students all over the app.

-- Not only are there BC fans on there, but you can interact with any fanbase that you can think of. Want to find a BU hockey fan and tell them what you think of their program? They are on there. Want to openly taunt Maryland football fans as they head off into B1G new territory, oh they are on there too.

-- You can follow Brian and myself! We both have individual accounts on there that are chock full of insanity.

We want to make the BC fanbase even bigger on Fancred though. And this is the time to do it. Before today you needed an IPhone to register, and for folks like Grant/Joe and many of you out there that own Droids/Blackberrys and Fliphones. Now with the release of Fancred 2 all you need is a Facebook account and you can register for the desktop version of Fancred. BC already has the biggest hockey community on there, but we need more. Don't you want to talk Boston College athletics all the time? Then head over to Fancred (in the App Store or at and register! Brian and I are waiting for you!