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BC Interruption's ACC Power Rankings: Week 12

After a week off we are back with this week's installment of the power rankings.

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Sorry that I failed to post the power rankings last week. Life kind of got in the way, with work, and helping Baldwin Jr find Jesse Pinkman. But we are back, and there wasn't a lot of movement. Virginia Tech is back in the good graces of our voters, while Miami slipped after losing their second game in a row.

1. Florida St. Seminoles

Last Week: 1
Highest Selection: 1
Lowest Selection: 1

Opponent: Syracuse

Prediction: Florida State 56 Syracuse 0. Clearly the class of the ACC, the Seminoles can to sharpen their spears and unleash hell on the Orange. I know I'm going to take a lot of crap for picking Syracuse to lose by this much, but the only reason I see them staying in this is if Jameis Winston is so thrown off by the TMZ story about him that he he makes a ton of mistakes. Even then I think FSU will win by a lot.

2. Clemson Tigers

Last Week: 2
Highest Selection: 2
Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Georgia Tech

Prediction: Clemson 35 Georgia Tech 31. Tonight's game is going to be a closer one than many expected. I really like Georgia Tech's defense and as we have seen good D's can get to this Clemson offense and especially Tajh Boyd. I still think the Tigers will win this one, but I think it's going to be a great game.

3. Miami Hurricanes

Last Week: 3
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection: 4

Opponent: Duke

Prediction: Duke 28 Miami 21. Here is my "upset" of the week. Miami is fresh off two weeks of getting beaten by good ACC teams (FSU/VT) and face the up start Blue Devils. Duke on the other hand has done everything they need to do to win the Coastal, and I predict their magical season will continue on Saturday with a win over the favored Hurricanes.

4. Virginia Tech Hokies

Last Week: 4
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection:6

Opponent: Maryland

Prediction: Virginia Tech 28 Maryland 6. Logan Thomas, a constant source of my jokes, showed the "Good Logan Thomas" last weekend against the Hurricanes in a huge win for the Hokies. Maryland is in a complete free fall, with their offense looking completely, and I don't expect them to show much against a stout and proud Hokies defense.

5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Last Week: 5
Highest: 3
Lowest: 6

Opponent: Georgia Tech

Prediction: Clemson 35 Georgia Tech 31. As I mentioned before GT's defense should keep them in this game, and they could pull it off, but I still think the Tigers will win this one.

6 . North Carolina Tar Heels

Last Week: 7 (t)
Highest Selection:4
Lowest Selection: 7

Opponent: Pittsburgh

Prediction: UNC 32 Pittsburgh 24. The Heels suffered a huge loss last week as Bryn Renner was lost for the season with an injury. He was a solid QB but honestly I think they will improve with Marquise Williams under center. Just from what I saw against BC he moved the ball much more effectively. This is a huge game for the Heels, not a must win, but pretty close and I expect them to take care of business.

7. Duke Blue Devils

Last Week: 6
Highest: 5
Lowest: 7

Opponent: Miami

Prediction: Duke 28 Miami 21. I don't like Miami, and I don't want to see them win this game. Duke is a good football team to the surprise of most of us. I'd love to see them win this game on Saturday.

8. Boston College Eagles

Last Week: 9
Highest: 8
Lowest: 9

Opponent: North Carolina State

Prediction: Boston College 28 NC State 13. I'll get more into this tomorrow, but I think on senior day the Eagles will win easily. N.C. State is a bottom of the barrel ACC team right now, and I just don't see them stopping Andre Williams in his final home game.

9. Pittsburgh Panthers

Last Week: 12
Highest: 8
Lowest: 9

Opponent: UNC Tarheels

Prediction: UNC 32 Pittsburgh 24. The Panthers are bar none the most confusing team in the ACC. Some weeks they play solid football, others they lose to Navy. I think they will have a solid game against the Tarheels but won't win this one.

10. Syracuse Orange

Last Week: 12
Highest: 10
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Florida State

Prediction: FSU 56 Syracuse 0. The Orange have not had a good track record this year against the ACC elite, FSU is as elite as them come. Expect PAIN.

11. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Last Week: 9
Highest: 10
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Bye

Prediction: Thankfully Wake doesn't have a game this weekend, which is probably the best news they have gotten in the past three weeks.

12. Maryland Terrapins

Last Week: 11
Highest: 12
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Virginia Tech

Prediction: Virginia Tech 28 Maryland 6. I find it hilarious that the Terps might not make a bowl game after winning the first four games. They are falling apart at the seams, and the Hokies will taste blood. Maryland is back to the bottom right where they started, remember when some Terps fans mocked us for that?

13. N.C. State Wolfpack

Last Week: 14
Highest: 12
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Boston College

Prediction: Boston College 28 N.C. State 13. Dave Doeren's bowl season hopes is about to come to a merciful end at the hands of another head coach who is having a much more successful rookie campaign.

14. Virginia Cavaliers

Last Week: 14
Highest: 12
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Bye

Prediction: I would love to know who picked them 12th? This team is atrocious.