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Boston College Basketball: Charting The Eagles Scholarship Situation

A look at Boston College's basketball's scholarship availability for this year and future seasons.

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With yesterday's news that Point Pleasant Beach PG Matt Farrell committed to Boston College (though it is still unclear whether Farrell joins the program as a preferred walk-on or scholarship player), let's take a look at the hoops scholarship situation.

It's somewhat instructive to first look at the scholarship situation Donahue inherited when he took the reins in 2010-11. Just how exactly did the scholarship situation become so unbalanced?

Here's the scholarship breakdown heading into Donahue's first season:

2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
1 Gabriel Moton Fr_mediumG_medium Gabriel Moton So_mediumG_medium Gabriel Moton Jr_mediumG_medium Gabriel Moton Sr_mediumG_medium

Matt Humphrey Jr_mediumG_medium Matt Humphrey Jr_mediumG_medium Matt Humphrey Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
3 Reggie Jackson Jr_mediumG_medium Reggie Jackson Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
4 Dallas Elmore Jr_mediumF_medium Dallas Elmore Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN
5 Biko Paris Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
6 Corey Raji Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
7 Joe Trapani Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
8 Josh Southern Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
9 Cortney Dunn Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN
Walk-On Danny Rubin Fr_mediumG_medium Danny Rubin So_mediumG_medium Danny Rubin Jr_mediumG_medium Danny Rubin Sr_mediumG_medium
Walk-On Peter Rehnquist Jr_mediumGf_medium Peter Rehnquist Sr_mediumGf_medium

Walk-On Nick Mosakowski Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
Walk-On John Cahill Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
Walk-On Chris Kowalski Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN

Donahue went into that first season with just eight active scholarship players, four below the NCAA limit of 13. Oregon transfer Matt Humphrey sat out the 2010-11 season per NCAA transfer rules. It didn't help matters that the three players recruited for the 2010 class -- Brady Heslip, Kevin Noreen and Papa Samba Ndao -- went elsewhere after the school parted ways with Al Skinner. The 2010 recruiting class of Heslip, Noreen and Ndao were backfilled by Humphrey, Moton and Rubin (walk-on).

As you can see, when five of eight scholarship players are seniors, this creates a rather large scholarship imbalance for 2011-12 and every four years thereafter. It didn't help matters that the non-seniors on the roster in 2010-11 didn't stick around for much longer after that. After Humphrey sat out in 2010-11, he played one season for BC before transferring again to West Virginia. Dallas Elmore left the program following the 2010-11 season and Moton transferred out the year after.

Fast forward to present day, where the scholarship situation looks like this:

2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 Garland Owens Fr_mediumF_medium G. Owens So_mediumF_medium G. Owens Jr_mediumF_medium G. Owens Sr_mediumF_medium

Darryl Hicks Fr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks So_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks  Jr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Sr_mediumG_medium
3 Will Magarity Fr_mediumF_medium Will Magarity So_mediumF_medium Will Magarity Jr_mediumF_medium Will Magarity Sr_mediumF_medium
4 Olivier Hanlan So_mediumG_medium Olivier Hanlan Jr_mediumG_medium Olivier Hanlan Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
5 Joe Rahon So_mediumG_medium Joe Rahon Jr_mediumG_medium Joe Rahon Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
6 Alex Dragicevich Jr_mediumG_medium Alex Dragicevich Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
7 Eddie Odio Jr_mediumF_medium Eddie Odio Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN
8 KC Caudill Jr_mediumC_medium KC Caudill Sr_mediumC_medium OPEN OPEN
9 Ryan Anderson Jr_mediumF_medium Ryan Anderson Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN
10 Lonnie Jackson Jr_mediumG_medium Lonnie Jackson Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
11 Dennis Clifford Jr_mediumC_medium

Dennis Clifford Sr_mediumC_medium OPEN OPEN
12 Pat Heckmann Jr_mediumG_medium Pat Heckmann Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
13 Danny Rubin Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN Matt Farrell? So_mediumG_medium Matt Farrell? Jr_mediumG_medium
Walk-On OPEN Matt Farrell Fr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
Walk-On Sam Donahue Fr_mediumG_medium Sam Donahue So_mediumG_medium Sam Donahue Jr_mediumG_medium Sam Donahue Sr_mediumG_medium
Walk-On Steve Perpiglia Fr_mediumG_medium S. Perpiglia So_mediumG_medium S. Perpiglia Jr_mediumG_medium S. Perpiglia Sr_mediumG_medium
Walk-On Drew Jacobs So_mediumG_medium Drew Jacobs Jr_mediumG_medium Drew Jacobs Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
Walk-On John Cain Carney Jr_mediumF_medium John Cain Carney Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN

While Donahue has done a decent job of filling the roster with scholarship players (BC will presumably be at the scholarship max for the first time in years at the start of next season), the program is still headed towards a huge roster turnover in 2015-16, needing to replace a majority of the scholarship players starting in 2015-16 (7 of 13). That class becomes one larger should Hanlan jump to the NBA a year early.

Perhaps there's some roster attrition next season, freeing up a scholarship, or Farrell turns into a serviceable ACC player, but four years have gone by and the scholarship imbalance has hardly been addressed. If Hanlan turns pro a year early, Donahue will be left needing to fill eight of the 13 scholarships for 2015-16; one less than the situation he found himself facing four years ago before the start of the 2011-12 season.

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