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Boston College Football Bowl Projections, Week 8

Didn't play last week, still a thing this week.


Even without playing last week, Boston College managed to find its way into a few more bowl projections this week. Let's take a look at where each of the major college football websites project Boston College to be end up at the end of the season:

SB Nation: Independence Bowl vs. Vanderbilt

ESPN (Mark Schlabach): Independence Bowl vs. Vanderbilt

ESPN (Brad Edwards): Music City Bowl vs. Mississippi

ESPN (Adelson / Dinich): Military Bowl

CBS Sports: No bowl

College Football News: No bowl

Orlando Sentinel: No bowl No bowl (Patrick Stevens): Independence Bowl, maybe

Bleacher Report: Fight Hunger Bowl vs. Arizona (slide #12 if you want to skip past the first 11 slides)

Only a few moves this week. SB Nation is now projecting BC to the Independence Bowl vs. Vanderbilt (was Music City Bowl vs. Auburn). Schlabach is projecting the same, a week after leaving Boston College out entirely. Finally, College Football News has now taken BC off the list. Not sure what changed in a week but CFN now has Maryland, N.C. State, Pitt, Duke and Georgia Tech IN out of the group of ACC teams yet to become bowl eligible.

As much as I would like to see Boston College take on RichRod in San Francisco, this isn't happening. BYU is just one win shy of becoming bowl eligible and has yet to face FCS Idaho State. The PAC-12 is expected to fulfill all of its bowl commitments this season.