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Decision On Boston College Vs. Army Expected By Noon Tomorrow

The latest news on the situation involving Saturday's BC-Army game.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

There has been an update from the official Twitter account of Boston College athletic director Brad Bates regarding the government shutdown and subsequent situation regarding the football game against Army this weekend:

I learned yesterday that of the three military academies, only Navy fully funds its athletic programs through external channels.  Both Army and Air Force use public funds appropriated to the academies for athletic support and transport.  At it was discussed yesterday as an idea, this confirms that Boston College offered to "financially" assist the Army Black Knights for their travel up to Boston, but the Department of Defense is not basing this solely on dollars and cents.  There are almost certainly unknown legal ramifications on the academy side coming from the policy makers at the DoD.  The fact that there is a decision coming by noon tomorrow is hopeful for a resolution, but this latest development is a little bit tougher given the circumstances surrounding the game.  We're still not sure what might happen,

Please feel free to discuss (civilly) in the comment section below.  As always, we ask that you keep political discussion to a minimum and instead keep the focus on the football program and the situation regarding Saturday's game!  Full analysis to come later as more developments become available.