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BC Interruption ACC Power Rankings: Week 8

We crown a new team in the top spot, and there is a new team in the basement.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

This week we had five BC Interruption writers and my wife vote in the Power Poll. For the first time this year we have a non Clemson top spot, though the margin was razor thin. Again the middle of the ACC was a gigantic clusterf--k, with lots of movement. Check out the results and predictions for this weekend below!

1. Florida St. Seminoles

Last Week: 2
Highest Selection: 1
Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Clemson Tigers

Prediction: Florida State 35, Clemson 31. This week we had the closest voting for the top spot that we've had all season with 4 people taking the Seminoles and two taking the Tigers. That split should be cleared up this weekend when FSU travels to Death Valley. After watching both teams sneak by BC, I have to say i was more impressed the Noles and think that they will sneak by with this one.

2. Clemson Tigers

Last Week: 1
Highest Selection: 1
Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Florida St. Seminoles

Prediction: Florida State 35, Clemson 31. As we all will remember, the Tigers were only a quarter away from losing to BC at home. But they didn't, and some questionable BC coaching decisions and a horrible turnover by Chase Rettig handed Clemson the game. However the close loss pushed them out of the top spot for the first time this season, and they might be here for a while if they can't defeat FSU on Saturday.

3. Miami Hurricanes

Last Week: 3
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection: 3

Opponent: North Carolina Tar Heels

Prediction: Miami 38, North Carolina 13. At the beginning of the season this looked like it would be a prime matchup in the ACC Coastal race. That was before the Tar Heels decided to take a collective dump on the first half of their schedule. Hurricanes should breeze through this weekend.

4. Virginia Tech Hokies

Last Week: 4 (t)
Highest Selection: 4
Lowest Selection:4

Opponent: Bye

Prediction: I saw a statistic on Bill C's blog earlier that gave a frightening statistic. Virginia Tech has had 45% of their defensive drives end with a three and out. That is a defense that should turn head's nationally. Too bad they don't have an offense to match it.

5. Maryland Terrapins

Last Week: 8 (t)
Highest: 5
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Prediction: Maryland 24, Wake Forest 21. Barely scraping by Virginia helped Maryland jump up three spots in this week's poll. Even our resident Maryland hater (who had them at 11), could not keep them from being rising as the rest of the voters consistently had them in the 5-6 range.

6. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Last Week: 5
Highest: 5
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Syracuse Orange

Prediction: Georgia Tech 28, Syracuse 13. Georgia Tech got beat pretty soundly last weekend by BYU, but a matchup against the 'Cuse should change their fortunes. I expect the Yellow Jackets to show the Orangemen how they play football down south.

7. Boston College Eagles

Last Week: 6
Highest: 6
Lowest: 9

Opponent: BYE

Prediction: Boston College survived a hellacious schedule with only one blow out loss, a loss that could have been a win, and a game they lost because they had no depth. Not bad considering. The schedule opens up for BC next weekend with a game down in Chapel Hill, and we will get to see if BC are contenders or pretenders.

8t. Pittsburgh Panthers

Last Week: 7
Highest: 8
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Old Dominion Monarchs

Prediction: Pittsburgh 30, Old Dominion 16. Pitt's high powered offense got smothered last weekend by Virginia Tech. Think this week will be a little easier for the Panthers.

8t. Duke Blue Devils

Last Week: 11
Highest: 6
Lowest: 10

Opponent: Virginia Cavaliers

Prediction: Virginia 28, Duke 20. The Blue Devils have pulled off four wins this season, against the likes of power houses such as N.C. Central, Memphis, Troy and Navy. Even though this weekend's game is against the basement dwelling Hoos, I expect UVA to win this and show that Duke is not as good as their current ranking has them.

10. North Carolina Tar Heels

Last Week: 7
Highest Selection: 8
Lowest Selection: 13

Opponent: Miami Hurricanes

Prediction: Miami 38, North Carolina 13. Is UNC really this bad? Probably not. Have they just been hit by a really tough schedule? Probably. But this week isn't going to get any easier as they face off with the U. Hopefully the Canes don't get the Heels something to rally around for the following weekend.

11. Syracuse Orange

Last Week: 12
Highest: 10
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Prediction: Georgia Tech 28, Syracuse 14. I want to see GT beat the Cuse real bad, mostly because I just want the nonstop yapping from upper New York to stop. When something of relevance in the ACC, not just barely beat N.C. State, then you can talk.

12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Last Week: 13
Highest: 9
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Maryland Terrapins

Prediction: Maryland 24, Wake Forest 21. I really want to pick the Deacons here to win, I really do, but with C.J. Brown back at QB I just get myself to do it.

13t. Virginia Cavaliers

Last Week: 8
Highest: 8
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Duke Blue Devils

Prediction:  Virginia 28, Duke 20. The Hoos are a better team than they have been on paper, at least on the defensive side of the ball. My upset of the week right here.

14. N.C. State Wolfpack

Last Week: 10
Highest: 11
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Bye

Prediction: Back to back losses to lousy Syracuse and Wake Forest teams didn't do any favors for the Wolfpack who spend their first week in the cellar. With a bye week it will be hard to see them coming out of it.