BC Basketball Update (Jon Rothstein at CBS)

I didn't see a mention of this on the main site and figured I'd share the tweets by CBS College Basketball writer Jon Rothstein who visited BC's Practice the other day. This is a collection of tweets that are available on other sites like EO and can be found on Jon's Twitter.

  • Hardly recognized Alex Dragicevich. Has completely leaned out since Notre Dame. 6-8 F has cut his body fat in half. Big piece for BC.
  • Early prediction on BC's starting five --- Olivier Hanlan, Joe Rahon, Alex Dragicevich, Eddio Odio, Ryan Anderson....
  • Could see Steve Donahue using Ryan Anderson the majority of time at the 5. Causes mismatches. Would give BC skill guys at every position.
  • Steve Donahue said that Dennis Clifford will be back in about two weeks. Still nursing a knee injury.
  • Everything at BC practice has an emphasis on spacing. Team is filled with shooters. Eagles could lead the nation in 3-PT FGs made.
  • Olivier Hanlan is this year's Shane Larkin. Will become a national name. Probes well and is incredibly strong. Burgeoning star for BC.
  • Liking what I'm seeing today from BC freshman Garland Owens. Utility style guard that can defend. Brings an element of toughness.
  • Going to very tough to double team BC. Shooters are everywhere. Teams will pay if they gamble.
  • Another name to remember -Will Magarity. 6-11 freshman is going to be a factor for BC. Already 20 yrs old. Really skilled. Will play 4 + 5.
  • Donahue on BC "Everyone on our team should make a little bit of a jump. We'll be better than we were. We're older."
  • Donahue on Olivier Hanlan "He's the strongest guy on our team. We just need to him to continue to elevate everyone around him."
  • Donahue on Joe Rahon "He's underrated. He's the type of guy you win games with in the ACC."
  • Donahue on Ryan Anderson "He's one of the best players in the ACC. He and Olivier will be two of the better players in this league."
  • Donahue on Will Magarity "He's going to help us. He's a man. He's got experience and size."
  • Donahue on Alex Dragicevich "He's really changed his body. He gives us another guy that can extend defenses."
  • Donahue on playing small "We're not going to win in the ACC grinding it out. We're going to win averaging 75 PPG or more. We need to score."
  • Donahue on BC's non-conference slate "We needed to separate ourselves. It gives us a lot of opportunities before we even get into the ACC."
  • BC is a sleeper. Not in the top 5 yet, but should be in the 6-8 range.

Overall, I think most of these tweets are encouraging in a few instances. First, I'm excited to see the development of our core players (Anderson, Hanlan, Rahon, Odio, Heckmann) and it's good to hear our newcomers (Dragenivich, Magarity, Owens) look like they can contribute in some role this year and bring a dimension that we've lacked.

This is the deepest the roster has been since Donahue took over and I'm excited to see what the offense has in store. I don't think we'll ever be a defensive powerhouse but if we score readily and efficiently we'll have success.