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Lowell Just Lost To Sacred Heart. Worst Loss In NCAA Hockey History?

UMass-Lowell started its 2013-2014 season with a 2-1 loss to Sacred Heart. Yes, Sacred Heart.

Justin K. Aller

Due to the surrounding circumstances - a single-elimination, NCAA tournament game in the home rink of their biggest rival - Minnesota's OT loss to Holy Cross in the NCAA regional round in 2006 will probably forever live as the worst loss in college hockey history.

Gophers defeated by Holy Cross at The Ralph (via RedFrogND)

But UMass-Lowell's season-opening home loss to Sacred Heart tonight may well top that game on the list of all-time losses that will live in infamy.


-Lowell is ranked #1 in the nation and was in the Frozen Four last year.
-Sacred Heart won TWO GAMES last year and was statistically probably the worst team in the country. They were 50th out of 59 in goals scored, and dead last in goals allowed, AVERAGING over 5 goals allowed per game.
-New Guy quipped the other day that Sacred Heart would probably lose to Malden Catholic (nice work, New Guy)
-UMass-Lowell was celebrating "banner night" for their conference championship (a different chuckle for a different moment)

and, the kicker:

After Sacred Heart jumped out to an early lead, UML tied the game 1-1 in the third period, and everyone figured things would get back to normal after that. But no... Sacred Heart came right back down and scored to win 2-1. Ouch.

I was chatting by text with a UML fan friend during their second intermission and said "Welcome to being the hunted." Like BC, Lowell now knows that every loss is going to be a huge disappointment and the subject of laughter around the league.

But really, this transcends that. This isn't losing to UMass at home, or getting knocked out by a mid-major in the tournament. This wasn't Ohio State football losing to BC; this was Ohio State losing to New Mexico State. This was.... the worst loss in college hockey history. And it will be remembered for a long, long time.

Elsewhere in College Hockey:

-The #2 BC women's hockey team remained on track with a dominating 5-2 win over St. Lawrence, powered by a Haley Skarupa hat trick. Skarupa now has five goals in two games and is the leader of a relentless BC offense.

-The Minnesota women extended their winning streak to 52 games, defeating Wisconsin 2-1.

-BU started Life After Parker with a 3-1 win over UMass-Amherst.

-Northeastern demonstrated to UMass-Lowell what you are supposed to do to a statistically terrible team, thrashing Alabama-Huntsville 9-1.

-Maine lost their first game under Red Gendron, falling to St. Lawrence 3-1.

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