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Michigan Downs BC, 3-1

The Eagles fall in their season opener at Yost Arena

Gregory Shamus

The Boston College men's hockey team fell in their season opener tonight at Michigan, 3-1. Ian McCoshen scored his first career goal in the second period for the Eagles' only tally of the game, assisted by Johnny Gaudreau and Danny Linell.

BC was victimized by two Michigan power play goals. The Eagles' special teams deficit was one of the main differences in the game; BC went 0-for-2 on the power play, while Michigan was 2-for-5.

Overall, it sounded like the Wolverines outplayed BC for the most part, outshooting them 32-21, including limiting the Eagles to 5 shots as they attempted to come back in the third period.

Based on the radio broadcast, Brian Billett played well, making a number of crucial and difficult stops to keep BC in it as Michigan piled on 15 shots in the second period.

The "can we or can't we watch this game" shenanigans today were probably a bad harbinger of things to come for the Eagles. As it turns out, I only had access to audio for this one, so I don't have much in the way of reactions.

Some things I did pick up:

-BC switched Danny Linell back to forward during the second period, based on Twitter reports from jerks who actually did get to see the game.

-Late in the third period, York made a switch on the first and second lines, putting Fitzgerald with Hayes and Cangelosi, while Gaudreau was paired with Billy Arnold as BC tried to make a late run.

-Thatcher Demko will make his NCAA debut on Sunday, per Jerry York's pregame interview.

Not much more to say other than this was a tough start and, hopefully, a good experience for a young BC team. Time to get back on the horse Sunday in the home opener against RPI.