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Meet The GIF Oracle

GIF Oracle? GIF Oracle.

Animated GIF champion, meet the GIF Oracle.
Animated GIF champion, meet the GIF Oracle.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

One of the great things about being a part of this network is it can give us awesome things like this. We present to you ... the GIF Oracle!

The GIF Oracle works to bring sports gifs of exceptional quality into SB Nation comment threads.

The GIF Oracle can reply to your comment with a GIF from it's database. You can request a GIF from a specific category or just request a random GIF. To request a GIF from The GIF Oracle simply post a comment that says "@oracle gif me" or "@oracle gif me (category name)". All of the available categories are listed below.

  • angry
  • astros
  • blowedup
  • catch
  • celebration
  • confusion
  • destruction
  • disbelief
  • dread
  • drinking
  • drive
  • falling
  • fandisaster
  • fangreatness
  • fanmisconduct
  • flopping
  • gloating
  • greatness
  • groin
  • gross
  • jackass
  • jerks
  • nottrying
  • overjoyed
  • punting
  • sad
  • sadchildren
  • supernatural
  • terrible
  • unsettling
  • victorino
  • weirdo

Game threads and responses to 74 just got that much better. Feel free to test this out in the comments.