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2013 New Year's Resolutions For Boston College Athletics

After a rough 2012, it's time to look at what BC needs to do to change the face of the athletics program


New Years was over a week ago, but ski lodges don't have internet, so I couldn't post this. Boston College had a poor 2012, minus sports played on ice and water. But it's early January now, what can Brad Bates and each of the individual programs do to fix BC next season. Well your boy AJ has come up with a few New Year's Resolutions for BC Athletics. Follow my blue print and 2013 will be nothing but roses.

Brad Bates. You have made lots of promises about changing gameday experience. We want results. A good start would be making tailgating affordable to young alumni. As much as we would like to donate two weeks of paychecks to BC so we can tailgate, most of us can't afford that. And oh yes, get rid of donor based seating as well, we don't need the whalepants hogging all the prime seats.

Steve Addazio. Go out there and get BC a mobile quarterback. You want one, there are plenty of them available. Maybe show BC fans your clout and lure Jacoby Brissett? Also, never give up. I don't care if you are down by 30, we don't want to see an ounce of Frank Spaziani in your coaching style.

Deuce Finch. Hold on to the ball, and you will be a star.

Boston College. Build a giant statue to Jerry York in front of Conte Forum. We have a Flutie Statue, why not York?

Dennis Clifford. Get ye to thy gym and pump iron.

Johnny Gaudreau. Don't change a thing.

The NHL: Draft/Sign Parker Milner. It's a travesty that no one has given him a chance yet.

Don Brown: Please, please, please fix the front seven. Teach them how to blitz, how to apply pressure, and for the love of all things holy please teach them how to defend against the option so that we don't let up another 900 yards to Army.

Alex Amidon and the rest of the BC wide receivers. Stand in front of a Jugs Passing Machine for hours on end from now until opening kickoff. Catch every ball that is thrown to you.

Fans and Alumni. Give Steve Addazio a chance, don't judge him on the flaming mess that Frank Spaziani left behind him for 2013. Remind yourself, this is not his recruiting class, this is Spaz's, which he wrapped up in time for his fall snooze. He is going to be fine, but will need a little time. Also, show up to games. Not just football, but basketball as well. We started this off strong with a good showing against N.C. State.

Those are just a few resolutions that Boston College needs to implement. What are some resolutions you came up with?