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Doug Martin To Return To New Mexico State As Offensive Coordinator

Former Boston College OC Doug Martin returns to his previous role.


One member of the Frank Spaziani has landed another job, and it's right back where he started. According to sources, former Boston College OC Doug Martin will be returning to New Mexico State as the Aggies' offensive coordinator.

Martin, who spearheaded the BC offense that finished near the bottom in most statistical categories, was head coach of Kent State before he took over the N.M. State offense. He was known for turning around passing offenses and creating NFL players such as Julian Edelman and Josh Cribbs.

During his brief stint on the Heights, Martin brought excitement to the offense, including a passing offense that was ranked near the top of the nation for the first four weeks of the year. But shortly things went south when the offensive line fell apart and both the passing and rushing attack became ineffective. The Eagles finished the year 100th in the nation in total offense, 119th in rushing and 46th in passing. Martin's career at BC was effectively over when Frank Spaziani was fired and Spaz was replaced with the offensively-minded Steve Addazio from Temple.

An interesting wrinkle in this story is that Doug Martin will be returning to the Heights when New Mexico State plays Boston College next season. Hint to Don Brown, his offenses like to pass ... a lot.