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Boston College Football Notebook: Al Washington, Luke Kuechly Return To BC

A look at some of the stories highlighting BC football's offseason

Myles Willis Twitter Page

A look at some of Boston College football's offseason stories

Al Washington To Return As Running Back Coach

Al Washington is returning to Boston College, but not in the role as Defensive Back Coach. Head Coach Steve Addazio confirmed that Washington will be returning as the Running Back Coach. I am a big fan of Washington. He is probably one of BC's best recruiters. He's also the second African American coach added to the staff, joining Ben Albert. I have said it before but that is crucial for successful recruiting.

Curious about the change of position though. Washington has no experience as a running back coach, nor did he play the position. According to recruit Myles Willis, Al Washington is working with Ohio State Running Backs coach Stan Drayton on learning the craft.

Paul Peterson Interviews For BYU Offensive Coordinator Position

Former BC quarterback and current Sacramento State OC Paul Peterson is in the running for BYU's offensive coordinator position. He manned the Sacramento State offense which averaged 406 yards per game in FCS play. I have always been a huge fan of PP and it would be great if he caught on with a big program. However, part of me is selfish and hopes that he ends back up at Boston College at some point. Would be great for the program.

Chuck Heater Takes Position At Marshall

Former Steve Addazio defensive coordinator Chuck Heater took the same position at Marshall. There were rumblings on the internet that he might join up with BC as the Defensive Backs coach, but that obviously would be a step down for him. Honestly, not a bad thing for BC. While it would be nice to have so many talented coaches on the team, too many former DC's might be like having too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Luke Kuechly Returns To Boston College To Finish Degree

Brad Bates revealed on Twitter today that Luke Kuechly is indeed returning to Boston College to finish his degree. This wasn't much of a surprise as a bunch of BC girls have been tweeting out pics of him on their class roster. Regardless, this is beyond awesome. We all thought Kuechly was great, but now to know that even with millions of dollars, a NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year, he still values education. God I love that man.

Big Weekend For BC Recruiting

Mark down Friday as another big day for Boston College football recruiting. At least four players have been linked to official visits this weekend at the Heights. South Carolina QB Michael Julian, RB/DB Silas Spearman, RB Raphael Webb and a mystery Georgia Tech recruit are all reportedly on campus this Friday to meet with the coaching staff. It's clear that Addazio wants a dual threat quarterback like Julian, and wants more depth at running back especially after losing out on Leshun Daniels. Keep an eye on the wire this weekend, there may be a recruit.

Silas Spearman's Highlights can be seen here.

Follow Myles Willis on Twitter

2013 Boston College recruit running back Myles Willis pictured above is a must follow recruit on Twitter. He is incredibly candid about the staff, his interactions with other players, and will chat it up with BC fans. Plus he said that Coach Day compared him to Montel Harris, so there is that.

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