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Will Boston College's Johnny Gaudreau Turn Pro After This Season?

Will he? Won't he?


By now I'm sure your palms got a bit sweaty and your eye started to twitch when you read this Calgary Herald headline: "Top Flames prospect Gaudreau unsure whether he'll turn pro next season." The Calgary newspaper profiled the sophomore forward in today's paper asking the question on everyone's mind: when exactly will Gaudreau join the Flames organization?

Admittedly I'm more confused on the chances that Gaudreau turns pro now than I was before I read the article. When discussing the article with Joe, he came away thinking that Gaudreau wants to stay but that the organization is dropping subtle hints that he could crack Calgary's fire-sale roster next year. Grant interpreted the article as Johnny wanting to stay yet not wanting to disappoint Calgary fans and offering up generic quotes to a Calgary newspaper beat writer about how great it will be to play for the Flames. Like a BC Guy should ... never wanting to disappoint.

Joe thinks its 80-20 he bolts. Grant thinks its 80-20 he stays. I'm just ... so confused right now.

To break it down for you, here's every #JohnnyHockey quote in the article bucketed into three groups -- he stays, he goes, who knows. You be the judge.

OMG he's totally leaving, you guys!
-- "It's really exciting to see some of those really talented big-name guys leave (because) for the young guys, it's a chance to play there. To see how they're going young, it's pretty cool."
-- "I know Calgary is a really awesome place to be, a really fun hockey city."
-- "I'd really like to get a chance to play for the Flames."

No way he's TOTALLY staying, I think
-- "I know I really enjoy it here at BC."
-- "I really want to get education, so that's something I'm really taking into consideration."
-- "I'd really like a chance to play with him [younger brother Matthew Gaudreau], so I'm not really sure what to do."

-- "I'm not sure what I'm really doing. I have no idea."
-- "Both of my options are win-win."
-- "I'm not really sure right now. I'm just kind of playing it by ear."

Final tally: three quotes indicate that he's leaving early, three votes his coming back and ... three votes who the hell knows. Well that's just fantastic. That was really helpful, you guys. Not.