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Boston College Football Notebook: Recruiting Frustrations, Doug Martin And Sean Devine

A look at Boston College's offseason stories...


Silas Spearman Recruitment In Limbo?

Yesterday Brian talked about how BC was in the midst of recruiting Silas Spearman, a Florida DB/RB with 4.4 speed. The Eagles had the inside track on this recruit, but because Admissions is dragging their feet, he might begin to look at other options. This weekend he is looking at Alcorn State and Marshall has begun to show interest in him. According to local reporters BCS level interest is increasing, so let's hope that BC can get their act together before he finds another program. I don't think my heart can deal with losing a recruit to Alcorn State.

Michael Julian Off To Toledo

Not to pile on the recruiting difficulties, but let's pile on the recruiting difficulties. South Carolina dual threat QB Michael Julian has decided on Toledo? After recently receiving an offer from Clemson, and previously receiving offers from BC and NC State, the quarterback has decided on #Maction. According to reports, Julian wanted to choose a team that had interest in him early.

At this point Steve Addazio had snagged one recruit since he took the job, a transfer from Syracuse who happens to share the same last name. I know there is still plenty of time, but Addazio better start snagging some names soon.

Doug Martin Named Interim Head Coach

After New Mexico State HC DeWayne Walker decided to head to Jacksonville to take their defensive back coaching position, it left an opening for the Aggies. Former Boston College Offensive Coordinator Doug Martin was named the interim head coach yesterday, and according to the interwebs NMSt has no intentions of doing a coaching search. It's like the 2009 BC coaching search all over again.

I wasn't overly impressed with Martin's offense at BC. He brought a pass heavy offense, to a team that was strongest on the ground, and although he got better results from Chase Rettig and Alex Amidon, the offense still was 111th in the country in scoring. I don't know if the offense was just so far gone from previous coordinators that Martin couldn't fix it, or if Spaz mingled too much, but the offense was a mess last year.

He will lead the Aggies against BC at Alumni Stadium this season. It would be fitting if Addazio had Deuce Finch run the ball 40 times during the game.

Mike Dawson and Sean Devine To Join Chip Kelly and Philadelphia

I know Chip Kelly had BC connections but this is getting cray cray. First Bill McGovern and Bill Bicknell joined the new head coaches staff. Now according to reports, former ST coach Mike Dawson and Sean Devine have been offered as well. Dawson who has been working as an AD in a Lowell, MA area school, was shocked by the call, while Devine was still looking for a job. Dawson's role hasn't been announced, but Devine has been named "Offensive Quality Control Coach". Which had me giggling for quite a while.

Tweet Of The Week

This week I decided not to select an interesting or informative tweet. Instead I went with the one below. Just because it is what is. From Boston College defensive back Sean Sylvia: