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Boston College Football Recruiting: End Of Season Recruiting Reset - Part 4 - Secondary

The fourth part of our look at BC's depth chart and recruiting, focusing on the cornerbacks and safeties

Jared Wickerham

Over the past week, BC Interruption has looked in depth at the roster, position by position. We have analyzed where Steve Addazio needs to make improvements, and what positions he has some depth to play with. On Monday, we started the series off looking at the offensive skill positions such as quarterback, wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. Tuesday we finished off the offense bchecking out a defensive line that struggled mightily and a linebacker crew with solid depth.y checking out a struggling offensive line where BC has no recruits coming in. Yesterday we took a look at the defense, and begun by

Today we will continue to analyze the defense. Rounding off the defense will be the secondary, a group with questionable depth that was completely under coached in 2012.

Recruiting data is via Yahoo and 247sports


Status: Last year one of the most prevalent jokes about BC's defense was about the "Spaz cushion", that allowed receivers 7-8 yards before the cornerbacks covered them. As was mentioned repeatedly, this system worked when BC had talent up front that could cause quarterbacks to rush passes. But that didn't happen this year, and opposing teams shredded the secondary both with short outs/slants, and with the bomb. Much of this was due to the poor defensive line, some of it had to do with the coaching, and some of the struggles had to do with talent/depth in the secondary. Al Louis Jean was injured during preseason football, and missed the entire season, and most likely received a medical redshirt. Manuel Asprilla received some playing time, but had trouble against the better defenses (most corners on this team did). Sean Sylvia also played some corner, but he needs to move back to his natural position as a safety. Bryce Jones, who was forced into playing time his freshman year, looked raw, but with some good coaching he should be fine. Ted Davenport also played as a preferred walk on. C.J. Jones & Dominique Williams saw sporadic playing time, but battled injuries all season.

Commits: Atem Ntantang

Targets: Jaleel Hytach, Jacquille Veii, Artrel Foster (Temple), Vontarius West, Erick Peek

Thoughts: Al Louis Jean's injury was a major blow to this crew last year, but any good program should have depth to cover for that. BC didn't. So what we got to see was a hodge podge of safeties playing out of position, walk ons and nickelbacks lined up against good wide receivers. BC needs some depth here, and one recruit isn't going to cut it. Addazio needs to find a way to add a recruit here. Veii would be a nice addition.


Status: Spaziani tinkered with this position possibly the most during the 2012 season. It was a constant rotation of players getting playing time. Jim Noel started the season as the starter, but fell to backup by the end of the season. He had problems getting beat over the top, with some speed issues, but had a few nice interceptions. Justin Simmons showed some good promise as a rookie, and begun to make a name for himself as a big time hitter. Spencer Rositano was easily the best secondary player last year, and was a turnover machine, recovering fumbles and finishing the season with 3 interceptions and a blocked kick. Sean Sylvia also saw some time playing safety, and showed that he could be a regular starter. Josh Keyes, a converted linebacker also lined up at safety during the season.

Commits: Matthew Milano, John Johnson

Targets: Leon McQuay III

Thoughts: The safeties looked a little raw last year, but honestly I think with some good coaching they could be good. Simmons struck me as kid who could grow into a fierce safety that could lay the wood down on receivers. Rositano also is a ball hawk, who with some good corner help could really be dynamic grabbing turnovers. Noel is gone, and there are two recruits coming in. It wouldn't be the worst thing if one decided to go elsewhere, or if Addazio could slot one at cornerback because safety seems to be a position that BC has decent depth at already.