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Should Boston College Football Dictate Fans' Dress Code?


Uni Watch's Paul Lukas noted that college football programs are telling fans what colors to wear for each game at an increasing rate. Apparently the practice goes back a few years ago, when Oregon began telling fans what to wear to each game. This practice has now spread to Ohio State, where the Buckeyes are telling fans what to wear to create a striped effect in the stands for this weekend's home game against Central Florida. If the Buckeyes can in fact pull this off, it will create a pretty neat visual effect at the Shoe. If it doesn't, well, at least you sold a few more T-shirts.

Right now, you are probably thinking ... striped effect? Slow down, fast car. Let's first try to get non-students in attendance to wear ONE color before we go ahead and get all fancy-like and pursue any sort of color coordinated seating plan.

But I started to wonder whether Boston College should do something similar to programs like Oregon. Why not ask fans to wear one color to fill Alumni Stadium on Saturdays? Maybe this is too ambitious for the program in its current state, but I would think that it wouldn't be hard to get a corporate sponsor -- Under Armour? -- to print 30k t-shirts and hand them out for a big game against Clemson or Notre Dame.

The logical choice of color seems to be maroon as a contrast to the yellow / gold of the Superfan section. For games against Virginia Tech or Florida State, you could switch it up to all gold (Solid Gold, if you will. Sounds familiar ...).

This worked well back in February 2007 when BC handed out gold t-shirts for BC basketball's home game against North Carolina when ESPN's College GameDay came to campus. The Conte Forum crowd was nearly fully glad in gold for the game. Could something similar work in a slightly larger venue?

Even if BC didn't go as far to tell fans what TO wear to games, I can think of a few things to tell fans what NOT to wear. E.g. Patriots jerseys, Red Sox jerseys, opposing teams' colors. You know who you are.

Then again, it would probably make sense to hold off on implementing something like this until the September 29 Parents' Day Weekend against Clemson. Or tell fans that they should wear silver this weekend to blend into the aluminum bleachers that will be prevalent for this weekend's game against Maine.