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Boston College Football Depth Chart For Maine Game


Boston College has released their second depth chart of the season, and look to rebound against Maine this week. There are a few changes on it, a few returning names, and obviously a joke by Spaz on special teams,


  1. Chase Rettig - JR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO

After his historic performance last Saturday against Miami, Rettig will be looking to repeat his performance this week against the Maine Black Bears. Not going to mess with a good thing.


  1. Andre Williams - JR
  2. Tahj Kimble - SO

For the second straight week Rolandan Finch is missing from the depth chart, but against a team like Maine I am totally fine with that. Let him heal, and take his time resting his injury, don't risk him re-aggravating it in a mostly meaningless game. Hopefully Spaz uses Finch for 5-7 runs, and shelves him for the rest of the game. Kimble and Williams need to improve on their fumble filled, 2.8 yards per run average against Miami.

Wide Receivers:

  1. Alex Amidon - JR
  2. Harrison Jackson - FR
  1. Johnathan Coleman - JR
  2. Dan Crimmins - FR
  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Donte Elliott - SR

A few changes here to talk about. First, Colin Larmond Jr isn't listed after he suffered a leg injury during the first half of last weeks game. Like Finch, I hope Spaz rests him and doesn't risk Larmond hurting him self further. Not worth it against a team like Maine. To replace CLJ the Eagles will be starting Harrison Jackson, who caught many people's attention in summer scrimmages. Hopefully he will take advantage of his opportunity.

Tight End:

  1. Brian Miller - FR
  2. C.J. Parsons - SO

Glad to see that Brian Miller is healthy enough to be the starter, and hopefully he will improve over last week. That drop in the end zone still stings. Parsons played solid enough against Miami, and the duo should be fine against Maine.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle:

  1. Emmett Cleary - SR
  2. Dan Lembke - R-FR

Left Guard:

  1. Bobby Vardaro - SO
  2. Eddie Meredith - R-FR
  1. Andy Gallik - SO
  2. Paul Gaughan - R-FR

Right Guard:

  1. Ian White - JR
  2. Seth Betancourt - SO

Right Tackle:

  1. John Wetzel - SR
  2. Aaron Kramer - SO

After their fantastic play on the pass block last week, Jim Bollman has kept the crew in tact. They all played well and deserve the start, hopefully this week they can open up some holes on the run and give some space for Kimble and Andre Williams to make some plays.

Defensive Ends:

  1. Brian Mihalik - SO
  2. Mehdi Abdesmad - SO
  1. Kasim Edebali - JR
  2. Connor Wujciak - R-FR

After a tough week against Miami, Spaz is going with the same crew again in Week 2. Somebody in this crew is going to need to do better on the pass rush and against the run. Last week they got stood up against the Hurricanes, and looked painfully inept.

Left Tackle

  1. Kaleb Ramsey - SR
  2. Max Ricci - SO

Right Tackle

  1. Dillon Quinn - SR
  2. Jaryd Rudolph - JR

The coaching staff continues to be mum about Dominic Appiah, who continues to be left off the depth chart though he did have two tackles last week. Dillon Quinn returns to the starting lineup after coming off the bench last week, and subsequently struggling.


  1. Steele Divitto - JR
  2. Andre Lawrence - SR


  1. Nick Clancy - SR
  2. Nick Lifka - R-FR


  1. Kevin Pierre-Louis - JR
  2. Sean Duggan - SO

Nothing has changed here other than Andre Lawrence taking the spot of Tim Joy at SLB. Like basically everyone else on defense this group needs to step up. Too often last week did they miss tackles and fail to get pressure on the quarterback.

Field Corner:

  1. Manuel Asprilla - SO
  2. C.J. Jones - SO

Back Corner:

  1. Ameer Richardson - R-FR
  2. James McCaffrey - SO

BC gets back some of their depth this week. C.J. Jones finally suits up for the Eagles and will back up Asprilla who had a solid game last week. On the back corner, the Sean Sylvia experiment is over and Ameer Richardson will get the start. Like the changes here, four guys that play corner are playing corner.

Strong Safety:

  1. Jim Noel - SR
  2. Justin Simmons - FR

Free Safety:

  1. Sean Sylvia - SO
  2. Dominique Williams - SO

Again health has allowed Bill McGovern to play his players in the position they are best at. Sean Sylvia has moved from corner back to Free Safety, a position he played most of 2011 at. Josh Keyes who seemed slow and reactive last week is off the depth chart completely, while Dominique Williams is back as well. No Spenser Rositano as well, who recorded the lone interception in last week's loss.

Punt Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - FR
  2. Tahj Kimble - SO

Kick Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Donte Elliott - SR


  1. Nate Freese - JR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Sean Flaherty - SR
  2. Dave Shinskie - SR

The kickoff and punt returns last week were pretty awful last week, so it doesn't surprise me that Spiffy is getting the start at both. Like Kimble as the other kick returner as well, Spenser Rositano is off the list. Kicker and punter obviously remain the snap, as well as the starting snapper. Backup snapper is Dave Shinskie, wait WHAT?

Spaz changed things around, and you have to wonder how much of that was due to disappointing play, or how much was due to healthy players. Leave your thoughts in the comments.