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BC Interruption's College Football Pick 'Em Pool: Enter Now!


Here at BC Interruption we are always looking for new ways to interact with the readers. Let us introduce you to our newest fantasy endeavor -- the College Football Pick 'Em Pool. We have prizes (which will be announced shortly) for the weekly winner and the season long winner. Before you enter you need to College Pick 'Em Rules, the biggest being that you can only win one pool across the sites. So if you have already entered at another SB Nation blog, don't do it here. Also you can only win the weekly prize once, but you can still win the grand prize as well.

How will the picks work? We will select 12 matchups a week, and you will need to select the winner based on the spread. To add a little flavor to the game, you will also need to rank the 12 matchups in order of confidence. So if Alabama-Michigan is your most confident, you need to give that 12 points, and if Miami-BC is your least, you would give it one. So and so forth. In the case of a tie, we will preselect a game each week that will act as a tiebreaker. When you enter your picks you will need to enter the score of that game, closest to the actual score wins.

To sign up head over to Fun Office Pools, sign up for the BC Interruption group via this link. The password is "Spaz". Spread the word, and best of luck to all who decided to play. It should be fun!