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Clemson 45, Boston College 31: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Alex Amidon, The Offensive Line, and Frank Spaziani are all featured in our weekly segment.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

As we break down this week's loss, it's time to pick out the goats and gems from the Boston College Eagles. Again picking out positives is pretty difficult, but that's what they pay me the big bucks for!


Alex Amidon -- 8 catches for 193 yards and two TDs. If anyone thought that Amidon was going to have this type of year, please raise your hand. You sir, are a liar. Amidon has gone from complimentary 3rd WR, to easily one of the best WR's BC has had in the past decade. He is a play maker, he is fast, he made no drops yesterday that I can think of, and bailed BC out time and time again. Amidon is seriously becoming one of my favorite players to watch on this team.

Chase Rettig -- True it was not one of Chase's better games, as he made quite a few bad passes. Some of this had to be Clemson's not respecting the run game at all. But on the other hand Rettig continued to help the Eagles move the ball, and when he was locked in he did a great against a weak Clemson secondary.

Clemson Fans -- I have to say I really enjoy the home games against Clemson. The fans are knowledgeable, fun, and I had multiple great conversations with some of them. They traveled well, and weren't completely obnoxious about their win after the fact, like some other teams we've played at home this year.

Also considered: Sean Sylvia, Johnathan Coleman, Spiffy Evans


Gerald Levano -- Remember last season we talked about how lucky we were to have Ryan Quigley on the team to bail us out when the offense wasn't clicking? We all wondered what life would have been like if our punter made mistakes? We saw all of that yesterday. Levano averaged a paltry 33.3 yards a punt, including two punts that he completely shanked giving the Tigers the ball on the Eagles on the BC side of the field. Obviously Levano isn't completely to blame, but his inability to punt, put a very vulnerable defense is multiple tight spots.

Frank Spaziani's Play Calling -- Frank Spaziani needs to figure out what he wants this offense to do. Are you a passing team or a running team? Hopefully the results on the field will help him figure this out. Running the ball three times, when your o-line is getting blown up, is asinine. And running the ball on 4th down is even more mind boggling. Punting the ball on the Clemson 36, down by two scores in the 4th quarter is defeatist, and kicking the field goal down by 17 is a head scratcher.

Andre Williams -- Not completely his fault as seen below, but when you run the ball 22 times for 60 yards, with 30 of those yards coming on 1 play, you make this list. At least he held onto the ball yesterday.

The Ugly

The Offensive Line -- Yesterday was just a giant mess up, which is unsettling given that BC had two weeks to prepare for this game, and Clemson's defense is nothing to write home about. Chase Rettig was pressured all game, hit numerous times, and almost knocked out of the game when he appeared to injury his shoulder. Add that to the fact that the Clemson front seven lived in the BC backfield during running plays, and you get one ugly performance from the BC front line.

The Defensive Line -- Brian Mihalik made a nice play and the unit stopped a few runs, but can you honestly remember BC's front line doing anything against the pass during the game? It was like they were invisible on the pass rush, just holding space up at the line of scrimmage. They have to figure something out here, try some new guys out, anything. Because right now BC's defense is one of the worst I've ever seen.

The Gold Uniforms -- Maybe BC was trying to conjure up some 2012 Frozen Four magic, but those jerseys did not work on the football field especially with the red pants.