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Boston College Big Man On Campus: Labor Day Edition

During the dog days of summer we passed the time by talking about who Boston College's Big Man On Campus was for the upcoming school year. If you want to read more about how we came up with the idea, make sure to read about it here. In one of my patented changes of heart, I thought maybe it would be more interesting to look at this from week to week. So without further adieu, I present you the September 3 edition of the Boston College Big Man On Campus Rankings.

10. Ryan Anderson (Men's Basketball) -- The Eagles are finishing off their Spain trip, which included stops all over the country. Anderson not only played, but has been blogging about his journey in Espana. Very interesting read if you have the time, and looks like a lot of fun.

9. Alex Amidon (Football) -- Quarterback Chase Rettig had a historic day on Saturday, and it was Alex Amidon who was the main target for the junior quarterback. Amidon finished the day with 10 catches for 150 yards, but costly drops stalled drives. But not bad for the projected third wide out on the team.

8. Kathy Workman (Women's Volleyball) -- Freshman Katty Workman, an all-tournament selection, totaled a double-double with 16 kills and 12 digs, in the Eagles loss to #5 USC at the Trojan Invitational. In a tournament located at USC, the Eagles fell behind two sets, but stormed back before finally dropping the final set. The Eagles return next week in the Arundel Tournament in Maryland to face the Terps.

7. Lou Montgomery (Football) -- Our first list doesn't necessarily have to include players that are still current. It was a momentous day at Alumni Stadium, as Lou Montgomery's jersey was retired during halftime. Montgomery, who has since passed, was the first African American player to suit up for the Eagles. His son and daughter were there to witness the unveiling.

6. The Folks Over At Athletic Evolution -- Most BC fans have heard of the story of former pitcher Pete Frates who is currently battling ALS. Athletic Evolution, who is helping fundraise for Frates, created this flash mob video to raise money to battle ALS. Make sure to watch it. Every click they get will lead to more donations to Frates Foundation.

5. Virgynia Muma (Field Hockey) -- The Eagles have started off the season strong, going 3-0-1 and are currently ranked #17 in the country, and Muma is the leading scorer going into September games. Muma has 3 goals through four games, and helped defeat #22 Maine 4-1, scoring two goals in the win.

4. Chase Rettig (Football) -- As we mentioned before, Rettig was near perfect on Saturday against Miami. According to Frank Spaziani he only made two bad passes the entire game, unfortunately one of those passes went back for six points and let Miami tie the game. Other than that though Rettig was calm, poised and hit passes all over the field. Will be very interesting to see what he can do against a team like Maine this week.

3. The Entire Boston College Offensive Line (Football) -- What was the biggest issue for the Boston College football team in 2011? Many could argue that it was the offensive line, that allowed opposing defenses to tee off on Chase Rettig week in and week out. Saturday's game showed a whole new crew. Now Miami's front isn't the same as Virginia Tech or Florida State, but their play was promising as BC moved the ball for 542 total yards. They would be #1 if the run blocking wasn't so mediocre.

2. Stephanie McCaffery (Women's Soccer) -- The team is playing magnificently, and #2 and #1 reflect their success. The sophomore McCafferty has been lethal as the team's striker, scoring the lone goal against #4 Stanford, and knocking in a total of four goals this season.

1. Kristen Mewis (Women's Soccer) -- She made our inaugural list at #9 back in July, but today she tops the list. Mewis has led the #7 BC Eagles to decisive victories over Pacific, Boston University and Providence and tie against #4 Stanford. The most impressive feat so far for Mewis is that she has scored a point in all five contests this season for the Eagles with four assists and two goals. Women's soccer doesn't get the coverage it deserves, but leading a team is clicking all cylinders makes Mewis our Big Woman On Campus this week.

So there you have it. The Labor Day edition of the Boston College Big Man On Campus Award goes to Kristen Mewis. Do you agree with my selection? Who would you choose?