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Clemson 45, Boston College 31: Post Game Reactions

Another close game, another loss for the Eagles. Plenty of missed opportunities doom BC

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

BC was able to move the ball in the air, but again the run game and a porous defense doomed BC. Chase Rettig had another solid game, throwing for three touchdowns, and Alex Amidon showed why he was one of the nation's top wide receivers with 193 receiving yards and two touchdowns. But this time Rettig made a few mistakes, including two interceptions that put a hault to two scoring drives.

But BC had no answer to DeAndre Hopkins, who finished the game with 197 yards receiving and one touchdown. He made big catches over and over again, as Tahj Boyd found him wide open on numerous plays. Andre Ellington finished the game with 132 rushing yards, capped off with one yard leap that nailed the coffin shut on the Eagles. Clemson finished the game with 576 yards of total offense, as BC's defense struggled to get them off the field.

I need a night to sleep on today's game, so my complete game thoughts will have to wait until Sunday morning. Please leave your thoughts on today's game, and where that leaves the 1-3 Eagles in the comments.