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Updated Boston College Depth Chart For Clemson Game

Changes to Boston College's depth chart vs. Clemson

A couple changes to the weekly depth chart published on Tuesday.

At running back, Andre Williams gets the start over Rolandan Finch, who's now off the two-deep. Finch is replaced by freshman David Dudeck.

In the receiving corps, Swigert has been bumped up to WR1 along with Spiffy Evans. Similarly, Brian Miller has worked his way into the starting tight end spot alongside C.J. Parsons. Glad to see both Swigert and Miller back on the two-deep. Looking forward to seeing if they can contribute tomorrow.

No intra-week changes anywhere else on offense. The offensive line has remained remarkably constant over the first five weeks of the season. A far cry from the constant O-Line shuffle to start the 2011 campaign.

On defense, senior left tackle Kaleb Ramsey, listed as doubtful with a shoulder injury, has been replaced by sophomore Dominic Appiah in the top spot. Max Ricci slots in behind Appiah.

Only change in the linebacking corps is the addition of Sean Duggan, who cracks the two-deep in two different spots -- once as the backup MLB to Nick Clancy (and along with Nick Lifka) and once as the starting WLB alongside Kevin Pierre-Louis.

In the secondary, Sean Sylvia is back vying for the starting back corner spot with C.J. Jones. Sylvia is also listed alongside Spenser Rositano as this weekend's starting free safety. Josh Keyes has been bumped off the defensive two-week as a result of these changes.

Swigert is back to return punts along with Spiffy, while McCaffrey will pair with Evans on kick returns.