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Boston College Athletic Director Search Updates: Same Candidates, No News

Same cast of characters, no news on a hire.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Once again, there has been very little publicly reported on the Boston College Athletic Director search. All we really have to go off of are Mark Blaudschun's blog posts on the search, which are starting to sound strangely repetitive and a tad boring. Here are the Cliff notes:

-- The Board of Trustees meets on Friday. A topic of conversation COULD be the discuss the candidates.
-- Leahy and the inner circle of trust have identified three areas of concern: Fix the football program, fundraising and sports marketing. Glad we are in the ball park here.
-- Wisconsin Deputy Athletic Director Sean Frazier and Miami University A.D. Brad Bates are rumored to be the frontrunners, but the finalist group could expand to up to five.
-- Army's Boo Corrigan is happy at West Point.
-- VCU's (and Boston College alum) Ed McLaughlin is a rising star but has been at his current post for only a few months, making a move to the Heights unlikely.
-- Saint Louis University's Chris May and Xavier's Mike Bobinski have also been name-dropped as potential candidates.

It's basically the same cast of candidates that Blauds has been blogging about for over a month now. I, for one, am ready for the process to be over -- soon -- and for a new Athletic Director to be installed shortly.

There is an argument to be made for keeping interim A.D. John Kane on board for the rest of the year to fully vet more candidates and take time to make a decision. That may buy a candidate like VCU's Ed McLaughlin enough time to pull a Kiffin and come back to his alma mater. To me, though, this decision has already been made in the decision to allow DeFilippo to retire at the end of the month. At this point, the school has dictated the terms of the next hire and they better be prepared to fill the position in the next few weeks.

For better or worse, the school no longer has the luxury of time and can't wait out the rest of the academic year before hiring the next A.D. Especially not with a giant question looming over the next two months on the first area of concern identified by Leahy: fixing the football program.