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Boston College Vs. Clemson: Frank Spaziani ACC Teleconference

Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani discusses this weekend's matchup with Clemson.

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COACH SPAZIANI: Thank you. We got the Clemson Tigers coming in. Obviously a very talented football team. We're happy to be having them at home. With that, any questions.

Q. Frank, I don't know that there's a good time to play a team as talented as Clemson. Considering they're coming off a nationally spotlight game, making a long road trip, can any of that play into your favor?

COACH SPAZIANI: Well, once again, to get into the psyche of your opponents, how they're going to think, how the coaches thinking, I'm not that smart.

I'm sure Dabo is going to have them ready to play. We need to make sure we're ready for a very good Clemson team coming in on their A game. That's how we're preparing.

Q. When you look at their array of weapons that they can put out there on the offensive side of the ball, what are some ways that you can slow them down to any extent?

COACH SPAZIANI: Bad weather (laughter).

They got a lot of weapons and they pose a lot of challenges. As you alluded to, at all the skill positions, big‑league wideouts, tight end, runningbacks. They got it all, they know how to use them. It's a tremendous challenge. Once again, there's always things you can do. It's about executing them. So we got a game plan, but we got to execute it.

Q. You have some of the ACC's offensive leaders with Alex and Chase Rettig. What is the big difference for you on the offensive side in terms of production besides the hire of Doug?

COACH SPAZIANI: It's consistency, those guys maturing a little bit. That's been the biggest thing.

Q. Are there still areas that you would like to see improve? When I talked to him, he told me the offensive line might be the most improved part of the team.

COACH SPAZIANI: We've seen improvement on the offensive line certainly.

Q. I was interested to see that Nick Clancy is leading the nation in tackles. He's a fifth‑year guy, am I right, that has not gotten to play much in the past. Is that because of Kuechly? Where does he come from and what does he do so well?

COACH SPAZIANI: He taught him everything he knows (laughter).

One thing, it's a product of opportunity. Kudos to Nick for having the opportunities and getting some production. Nick, as I said earlier, has been a pleasant surprise. He came back as a fifth‑year senior with no guarantee of anything other than we needed him, his leadership and his attitude, his institutional motivation. The opportunity to play has certainly turned into production for him.

Q. What does he do particularly well? He must be doing something really well.

COACH SPAZIANI: Nick has always had physical talent. He's strong, he's fast, he can run. He's just adapted better to being inside there. It's a product of him being in a little better position maybe for him and certainly the opportunities. But he has the physical tools. He has been handicapped in the past by injuries and some other things.

Q. Coach, I was going to ask you about Bobby Swigert, whether he's been on the practice field, what the hopes are for him this week?

COACH SPAZIANI: Bobby got back to doing some limited work last week. We've been pushing him along. He's making progress. Just how much, how often he plays is yet to be determined right now. But he's making progress on his recovery, so we're happy about that.

Q. Is it too optimistic to look for him this week or something you play by ear?

COACH SPAZIANI: He's been practicing. Once again, that will be determined on Thursday. But he's been participating more and more in practice. Hopefully he'll get to the point tomorrow where we can make a positive decision on his participation.

Q. Is that a good problem to have when you have a guy like Alex playing so well, guys you like like Jonathan, the group that has been playing pretty well?

COACH SPAZIANI: More talent is always a good problem, yeah. Bobby is a good football player. He's experienced. He brings a lot of things besides his physical skill to us. His leadership and his maturity out there. We're happy to have him practicing at least.

Q. What are some of the things that Doug has brought as a coordinator to the offense and what were some of the things you saw in him when you made the decision to bring him in?

COACH SPAZIANI: Doug is very bright. He understands how to use his personnel, attack defenses. He's very conscientious. He's very positive. He's a very good football coach. The more you're around him, the more you can appreciate what he brings to the table.

He's upbeat, positive, has an idea what he wants to do. Once again, he's always part of the solution, not the problem. He looks at the positive things. So far we've had a lot of positive things. We need more, though.

Q. What it his first priority to get a relationship with Chase?

COACH SPAZIANI: Yeah, the offensive coordinator always has to assess his quarterbacks. Right from day one, we all knew, the people that are here, what Chase's abilities are, skill set is. When Doug came in, he recognized it himself. He likes working with him and they get along. Now it's a matter of production.

But it's a good fit.

Q. Frank, this offensive scheme seems to be a sharp departure from what you guys have done over the years. Can you say specifically what you were looking for schematically when you went out and were looking for a new coordinator?

COACH SPAZIANI: We had been unable for a number of reasons to be successful on offense. Once again, it's a complicated answer. But we wanted to be able to get ourselves into where we could run the ball, throw the ball, score more.

Doug, he brings that to the table. He has his offense, but he understands how we need to play football and what our guys can do. That's always the mark of a good football coach.

You have a system, but you got to play with your players. Doug has brought that to us.

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