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SB Nation United: Feedback And Fixes

By now you've had a little over a day to take in all the changes around these parts. Just wanted to highlight some of things the SB Nation technology team are working on to make things that much more seamless.

Changes as of this morning:

-- Tweaked the brightness/contrast on the green for rec'd comments and the yellow on new comments so that they would be easier to distinguish.
-- Adjusted the size of the fonts and the line spacing
-- Adjusted the padding on the comments

There was a good deal of feedback on the size, white space and readability of the SB Nation United sites, so hopefully this addresses some of the feedback. The technology team -- which has really done an outstanding job of rolling this thing out -- will continue to iterate on this, but largely the biggest point of feedback was on the readability, commenting and the white space.

Other things that are on the tech team's radar:

-- Improved loading times
-- Streamlined mobile experience
-- Improved experience in Internet Explorer 8
-- More closely aligned comments so they are closer to the post content
-- Fixes for individual site navigation issues
-- And many, many more bug fixes and tweaks.

As always, if you have any other issues or suggestions on how to improve the new site layout, feel free to email with any further feedback.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of the community. Thanks, too, for all the feedback (both positive and negative) we've received so far.

Go Eagles!