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Boston College Hockey To Play RIT In 2014

Boston College will head to Rochester in 2014, presumably after three-peating as National Champions.

Boston College Hockey will be taking a break from its regularly scheduled gauntlet of western powerhouses to play the RIT Tigers in Rochester in the 2014 season.

While scheduling teams from the AHA can bring a collective groan from fans of a team who will regularly play teams like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Denver in the coming years, RIT is actually pretty decent opponent.

RIT recently became the AHA's first and only appearance in the Frozen Four, playing Wisconsin to an 8-1 loss (yikes) in Detroit in 2010. The Tigers are the most successful team in the conference, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, and 3rd in their six years in the conference.

The games will be played at Blue Cross Arena, home of the AHL's Rochester Americans. This isn't really a positive, to be honest. It's a bigger arena, but part of the fun of going on college hockey road trips is going to see all the college hockey arenas that you wouldn't otherwise see.

As we keep telling both of the UConn hockey fans, you aren't going to get the college hockey 'experience' playing in an AHL arena. Just look at Lowell -- it's a great facility but it's boring as hell to watch a game there. I don't even know if there's a student section. And if there is, who cares if you can't even tell?

But regardless, RIT is an intriguing, moderately talented opponent that we don't play often. And with the increased number of out of conference games over the next several years, there are far worse teams we could be playing.