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Linked Up: Let's Check Out The New Digs Around SB Nation's ACC Blogs

Let's forget for a moment that Boston College is the only sub-.500 team in the conference. Let's take a tour around SB Nation's ACC blogs to see how the other half lives.

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Let's start with the Atlantic Division, based on how good I think each of these programs is ...

Florida State is 4-0 and living large. Florida State is back, baby. Fresh off a signature win over Clemson to take control of not only the ACC Atlantic Division race but the conference's BCS berth, Tomahawk Nation's Bud Elliott discusses how the Seminoles secondary was able to physically wear down one of the best receiving corps in the nation.

Clemson fans are moving forward. Shakin The Southland takes a look at the road head and thinks that a double-digit win total is very, very manageable. The Clemson folk see this weekend's trip to Boston as a win and both Tech's as beatable. Then again, there's always the chance that Clemson will pull a, well, Clemson.

Is TOB ready for ACC play? Well, I guess he doesn't have a choice. I mean, give him 20 games, 30 games tops, and I'm sure he'd have the Wolfpack ready to go.

Lengthy Game Rewind So Dear. Blogger So Dear's RA Johnston gave last weekend's Wake Forest vs. Army game a second watch and wrote out some thoughts on the game. It's looooong, but worth the read, especially considering the Eagles travel to West Point next weekend.

Hardly waved the white uniforms of surrender. Testudo Times' Ben Broman analyzes the Terrapins road ahead heading into the bye week. Terps fans took some positives away from hanging with West Virginia, even if its a rivalry game. Despite their lack of experience, depth, injuries and cries of dismay, the Terps can hang with anyone in the country. And when it comes to games against Wake Forest, Boston College and N.C. State, the margin of error that was so thin against WVU gets just a tad wider.

As for the Coastal Division ...

Yeah, but it was only Bowling Green. Over at Gobbler Country, chicagomaroon notes that the Hokies put together their best game of the season last weekend in a 37-0 pasting of Bowling Green.

We feel your pain. From the Rumble Seat finds positives from an overtime loss to Miami. The Yellow Jacket defense gave up 609 yards of total offense in this one, or 7.3 yards a play. If Boston College and Georgia Tech's defenses keep it up, the over/under on BC's mid-October trip to Atlanta is going to be set at 150.5.

North Vs. East. Doc Kennedy breaks down North Carolina's 27-6 win over East Carolina. North Carolina wins another legislatively-mandated game!

The Cavaliers aren't very good, which can only mean one thing: QB controversy! Virginia coach Mike London says that QB Michael Rocco is going to start this weekend against Louisiana Tech. But the Streaking The Lawn dudes disagree, saying it's time for Phillip Simms to get a shot. Not quite sure it's going to matter one way or the other. Did you see what Louisiana Tech did to their BCS conference opponent in week 4?

How is this team 3-1, part 1? Still more or less baffled that the Miami Hurricanes will start the season at 3-1, 2-0 ACC. The 7th Floor Blog breaks down the 'Canes OT victory over Georgia Tech.

How is this team 3-1, part 2? Duke football is 3-1. I repeat. Duke football is 3-1. SB Nation doesn't have a Duke community, but we might want to look into that if the Blue Devils keep winning football games. The Quest for the Military Bowl continues this weekend down the road in Winston-Salem.