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SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot, Week 5: Big 12 Rising

The BlogPoll ballot of BC Interruption.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Here is our week 5 preliminary BlogPoll ballot, now with infinitely more #MACtion.

Big movers this week include USC (up 7) and Oklahoma (down 16). UCLA, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Arizona are replaced by Rutgers, Boise State, Iowa State and Ohio.

By conference: Big 12 (7), SEC (5), PAC-12 (3), Big Ten (3), ACC (2) -- tear, Big East (2), Independent (1), Mountain West (1), MAC (1). The fact that 7/10 of the Big 12 is in this week's ballot is ... interesting, to say the least. Add Florida State and Clemson in and you've got 9/12 of the conference accounted for!

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between ballots include Oklahoma State (6.36), TCU (5.66), Oklahoma, Iowa State, Nebraska and Virginia Tech (4.24).

Maybe next week: Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Tennessee, UCLA, Michigan

Final ballot is due Wednesday morning. Maybe a bit later this week with the move to United. Nevertheless, thoughts / input welcome.