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Required Game Week Reading: Clemson


Where to go to read up on the Clemson Tigers.

SB Nation:

If applicable, we will put a SB Nation blog at the top. Start with the SBN Clemson blog Shakin The Southland. You can follow the STS crew on Twitter @ShakinSouthland. We'll hopefully have more from these guys later in the week.


Plenty of media coverage of the Tigers in the South Carolina papers. Start with The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper. You can also find coverage in Charleston-based Post and Courier, including Travis Sawchik's Tiger Tracks blog.

For a student perspective, check out


There is certainly no shortage of blogs covering Clemson football. After Shakin The Southland, head on over to, where Greg Wallace, Kerry Capps, and Brandon Rink blog about all things Clemson sports. Also be sure to check out Sporting Gnomes, Seldom Used Reserve (apparently renamed "The Deuce ... ... Is Loose"), The Orange Kool Aid and Clemson Girl.

Message Boards:

Plenty of message board chatter can be found at Tiger Illustrated (Rivals), (Scout) and Tiger Net.

Official Site: is the school's official website.

Any other Clemson sites, leave 'em in the comments.