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Former Boston College Coach Jeff Jagodzinski Resurfaces At Ave Maria University

Jeff Jagodzinski is coaching again. Jags will not be coaching in the NFL, UFL, AFL or even at the Division I level. According to a Jersey Guy, Jags has taken a new position as the wide receivers coach at NAIA Ave Maria University in Florida.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Just four years removed from a second straight ACC Championship Game appearance, Jags has completely fallen off the face of the earth, taking a job as a position coach at a school no one has ever heard of. You have to wonder what Jags did that had his stock plummet so fast. Was it his infamous run in with Gene DeFilippo or his firing at Tampa Bay where he was canned for failing to learn his own playbook?

Blaudschun clearly has an agenda in his post, describing Jagodzinski as a "questionable" coach at BC and claiming that he got on the coach's "shit list." No clue what Jags did to get on the Jersey Guy's bad side, but this could explain why Blauds is so hesitant to write anything negative about Frank Spaziani. Spaz is a company guy, who completely buys into GDF, and hence gives Blauds whatever he wants. I'm guessing Jags probably called the reporter out on a few Globe articles.

I always liked Jags. I thought he was a great coach -- better than what we have now -- and helped breathe life into the Eagles football program. Say what you will about interviewing with the Jets, but he was certainly better than "questionable" while at the Heights. Redemption stories always make great stories, so maybe Jags has to hit bottom before he can rebuild his name. Hopefully that projects starts for him at Ave Maria University.

(H/t to Eagle Outsider for the find)