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Miami 41, Boston College 32: Quotables

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Takes on the Miami game from Boston College players and coaches.

-- Head coach Frank Spaziani on the defensive effort: "Certainly, defensively we have to play better than that. No one made a play. It didn't look like it. We did fight and stop them a couple of times, but not when we needed to. You can't give up big plays. We stopped them sometimes and made some plays but not enough."

-- Junior LB Kevin Pierre-Louis agreed: "I felt as though we needed to execute a little bit better. We were right in the right spots we just needed to execute a little bit better. We were ready for [the no huddle]. Again, we were in the right spots, we just need to make those plays. The coaches stressed the no-huddle offense. The coaches did a great job preparing us for Miami--just the big plays killed us today. We were able to stop them a lot on defense just need to stop those big plays."

-- Spaz on the performance of Chase Rettig: "He played well enough to win. I think Chase did a good job but we lost. I'm sure he's going to be the first one to say that. He did some nice things. I think he might have had one or two reads that he might have missed but those things are going to happen in games. You're not going to be perfect but he did do some nice things."

-- Rettig on the faster pace of the offense and where BC needs to finish stronger. "We played for 550 yards of offense. I feel like we out-tempoed them. We were calling plays before there D-line was even set. I thought the offense played good. The only thing I can come back to is third-and-ones, we didn't convert a couple of third-and-ones and just not scoring touchdowns when we were in the red zone. We had a couple good looks, a couple good plays--we've just got to finish them. I thought the offensive line played great. I thought the receivers were making plays--could have caught a couple more passes, but I think there were only a couple dropped passes."

-- Rettig on his favorite target in the Miami game. "They came out with their gameplan--played zone coverage and blitzed. We just ran slants, he [Amidon] dropped a couple, but we just kept working on them. He had a good game. I just felt like we worked through our progressions, and everything was working for us. Most importantly we've got to score touchdowns instead of field goals."

-- Amidon on the Eagles' ability to move the ball on offense. "Obviously we lost, and we beat ourselves. There were lots of mistakes and plays left on the field, but we can come out of it with something really positive, and that's that the offense moved the ball. That's something to look forward to for next week for sure."