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Chase Rettig: A Statisical Aberration Or Birth Of A New Quarterback

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Even though yesterday's loss was painful, and there were parts that were just downright bad, it's hard to overlook the play of junior quarterback Chase Rettig. Since the departure of Matt Ryan in 2007 Eagles fans have clamored for another quarterback that can not only manage the ball, but can effectively move the ball down field with his arm. We watched as Dominique Davis, Justin Tuggle, Dave Shinskie and Chase Rettig all fail to accomplish this. Yesterday that all changed.

Rettig was dynamic throwing passes short and long, hitting nine different receivers against the Hurricanes. The first two drives of the game where a thing of beauty. Rettig went 6 for 10 on those two drives for 126 yards. Mind you that two of those passes were wide open drops by his receivers. Because of the improved line play, Rettig moved around the pocket with ease, rolling out, spreading the ball around the field, and calling audibles at the line of scrimmage. He rarely looked flustered in the pocket, which is a big time compliment to Jim Bollman and the offensive line.

Rettig threw for 441 yards yesterday, which puts him in some elite company in the Boston College football record books. First let's look at passing yards in a game. Rettig is now 6th all-time, and yesterday's performance was the most by a BC quarterback since Glenn Foley threw for 448 in 1993. Very impressive.

1. Doug Flutie - 520 yards vs. Penn St. Nittany Lions (1982)
2. Doug Flutie - 472 yards vs. Miami Hurricanes (1984)
3. Shawn Halloran - 452 yards vs. Syracuse Orange (1985)
4. Glenn Foley - 448 yards vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (1993)
5. Matt Ryan - 447 yards vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2007)
6. Chase Rettig - 441 yards vs. Miami Hurricanes (2012)

One game is obviously a small sample size for future success (see 2011 Chase Rettig), but yesterday's output has to leave BC fans excited about the future of this offense. To put yesterday's game in perspective look at some of these tidbits:

-- Rettig threw for nearly 25 percent of his entire 2011 output in just one game.
-- His 441 yards were the fourth most passing yards given up by Miami in program history
-- Rettig is now #2 in passing yards in the entire country. He finished last year 77th.

Obviously the pick six at the end of the first quarter was brutal, and was a huge zit on the face of a near flawless game by Rettig. With a few less dropped balls, Spiffy Evans sensing where he was in relation to the end zone, any semblance of defense and the Eagles would have won and we would all be talking about how historic September 1st was for Chase Rettig.

Will Rettig continue this torrid pace? He has quite a few future opponents where he could accomplish huge numbers: Maine, Northwestern, Army, Clemson, Maryland and Wake Forest. What remains to be seen is how he manages against the better passing defenses in the ACC. And we will have to wait until October 13th against Florida State to find out. By then his two biggest weapons -- Chris Pantale, Bobby Swigert -- should be playing again.

Chase Rettig proved a lot yesterday, and BC fans should be excited, because he is going to bring it in 2012.