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Chase Rettig Not Doing Some Elite Things, According To Spaziani

So, do you expect me to catch the ball too? Would that be elite enough for you? Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE
So, do you expect me to catch the ball too? Would that be elite enough for you? Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

As part of Wednesday's Atlantic Coast Conference Media Conference Call, Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani was asked to comment on the performance of QB Chase Rettig at the season's 1/4 mark. Despite throwing for a career high 441 yards in the season opener against Miami (ranking sixth on BC's single-game record list), 291 yards against Northwestern and maintaining a 6:1 TD-to-INT ratio, Spaz still doesn't think Rettig is l33t enough.

Well, I think Chase has played very well for us. He's fit into the system that we've put in place for him. He and Doug get along very well. I think he's playing very well. I mean, he's a big‑league quarterback we feel. He hasn't done some of the elite things, but he's close, and we need to help him. But if he keeps progressing like that, the future is really bright for him and us.

When asked to clarify his comments on Rettig's lack of eliteness, Spaz said:

Well, he's making some very nice plays, and once you get into the elite category is when you make some spectacular throws and decisions. He's making some real good ones, but there were a couple in the first three games that he would like to make and we would like to have him make, and he might have been just a little bit off. That's what I'm determining as elite.

Look, I get making public comments about the struggling run game, the numerous dropped passes or a defensive unit that can't get off the field. But when you publicly challenge the one offensive star of the early season, I have a problem.

I know this is who Spaz is, but I fail to see how this is meant to further challenge Rettig or motivate him to play better. How about some words of encouragement for your signal caller who is leading the conference in passing offense. A QB that has taken BC from 11th in ACC passing offense to first through the first three games of the season.

I can think of some adjectives to describe Spaz's head coaching performance through 3+ seasons. Pretty sure "elite" would not be one of them. Don't think I could use "real good" to describe it, either.