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Jack Swarbick Denies Report That UConn, Notre Dame Will Play At Fenway

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Earlier today, we discussed the Boston Globe's report that Notre Dame and UConn were discussing playing a college football game at Fenway Park. Some of it seemed kind of fishy due to the fact that UConn beat writers were the ones who published the original story. In the past these writers haven't been the most accurate. Just look at the UConn to the ACC rumors they constantly churn out.

Notre Dame quickly jumped out to disprove the rumors about a game:

Could this game still happen? Definitely. Many times these quotes come out because both sides are still in negotations. But as we mentioned earlier, Notre Dame would gain very little by playing UConn at Fenway Park. The Fighting Irish would have to give up a home game to make this game happen, and give up one of their games that would be far more appealing than playing the UConn Huskies.