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Northwestern 22, Boston College 13: Quotables


Takes on the Northwestern game from Boston College players and coaches

-- Head coach Frank Spaziani on the team's overall effort: "Our kids fought hard but they made more plays than we did. We had a couple of chances, they made mistakes and we made mistakes. You can’t win games like that. We didn’t make enough plays and that’s what it comes down to."

-- Spaz on the play of Rettig relative to the run game: "Rettig’s a good quarterback but you have to be able to run the ball. We can’t win like that."

-- And on Rolandan Finch's costly fumble in the third quarter: "(Finch) isn’t too excited about it. I’m not sure what we do with (him), to be honest with you, other than he sits around and waits his turn."

-- Rettig on picking Finch up after the mistake: "Everybody makes mistakes. A physical mistake, when you do something, it can happen to anybody. It just happens sometimes. What you can’t do is hang your head -- just keep playing. The team is going to need you. There are some times where I’ve made mistakes and you’ve just got to keep going forward."

-- Weak-side linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis on what the defense has to do to get better: "We always do well with our backs against the wall. That is one thing we excel on. However, we couldn’t stop them from getting to the red zone. We know we can stop teams in the red zone. The next step for our defense is not let them get into the red zone in the first place."

-- Clancy, who finished with a career high 24 tackles, on giving up 560 total yards of offense to Northwestern: "It’s extremely frustrating, it’s kind of hard to put into words. To the average person watching, it’s kind of like they’re just going to let them walk down the field and then they’re going to turn it on in the red zone -- that’s not what we’re doing. "I think our guys battled and our D-line came out and pushed those guys back. It’s just one of those things. I can’t really explain -- they made some good plays."