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ACC Expansion: Maryland, Florida State Voted Against Increased Conference Exit Fee

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Stop me if you've heard this before.

While the conference vote to accept Notre Dame in all sports except football and hockey was unanimous, the decision to raise the league's exit fee by more than a factor of two was not. The University presidents voted 10-2 to increase the exit fee to three times the conference's operating budget, a figure that works out to $50 million dollars today.

Maryland was one of those schools who voted against the conference's increased exit fee. Florida State was the other.

University of Maryland president Wallace D. Loh voted against the increase based on "purely legal and philosophical" grounds. He told the Washington Post that he disagreed with "punishing people if they simply exit a relationship." Loh stressed that his objection stemmed solely from personal beliefs, and not a desire on Maryland's part to protect itself in the off chance the Big Ten comes calling.

As for Florida State, well, you know ...

We're just one big happy family though. Right? #goacc