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Boston College Daily Links: Notre Dame Joins The ACC

Going back to the old format for a day. Many words were penned yesterday on Notre Dame's move to the ACC. Here are the highlights.

Notre Dame joins ACC, John Swofford wins conference realignment (
The realignment of college athletics has taught us a variety of lessons. Chief among them: Never play poker with ACC commissioner John Swofford. He'll lull you into a false sense of security with that folksy, aw-shucks aura, and then BAM! Next thing you know, you have no money, no watch and you're standing outside the saloon wearing a rain barrel.

Notre Dame to Leave Big East, Join A.C.C. (Pre-Snap Read)
Now, what does this mean for the future of Independent programs in the F.B.S.? With Navy joining the Big East in 2015, there will be only two true Independent programs: B.Y.U. and Army. Notre Dame’s new relationship with the A.C.C. sends a signal that "true" Independent status is no longer a truly desirable status on the F.B.S. level.

The ACC Has the Luck of the Irish: How Notre Dame’s Move Affects the College Sports World (Frank The Tank's Slant)
15 members for basketball and Olympic sports don’t cause any material issue for scheduling and Notre Dame has always been the only school that the ACC would have ever offered partial membership to. Therefore, Big East Catholic schools such as Georgetown and Villanova aren’t going to find a lifeline in the ACC. Notre Dame also doesn’t impact the football side at all, so there is no need to expand beyond 14 there, which means that Big East schools such as Rutgers and UConn aren’t going to find a lifeline in the ACC, either.

ACC has no plans to add 16th team (ESPN College Football Nation Blog)
The current plan is to have Notre Dame play every ACC school at least once in a three-year period. The Irish already have future scheduling arrangements with Boston College, Pittsburgh, Miami, Wake Forest and Syracuse. Swofford and Swarbrick said they would evaluate to see if maintaining those contracts on the years they are currently scheduled would work best out of the gate. In addition, Swarbrick would not say if the annual series with Boston College would end.

Notre Dame To The ACC: What We Now Know (ACC Sports Journal)
"There is no need to add a 16th team to the league," Swofford said. "From a practical standpoint it really is illogical." Swofford pointed out that adding a 15th member would only cause imbalance with the ACC’s football divisions, which will remain at seven teams apiece.

ACC gets big win with ND in the lineup (ESPN College Football Nation)
The biggest downside to this for ACC fans is the bowl arrangement. Under the new agreement, Notre Dame could step over an ACC team and take its place in one of the non-BCS bowls if its record is better than, equal to or within one win of the ACC team or ranked higher in the BCS standings. ACC fans are likely to get a taste of what's angered Big East fans for years. In the big picture, though, it's worth the trade-off.

With Notre Dame aboard, who's No. 16? (
Based on Swofford’s successful back-room maneuvering to get Notre Dame aboard, he’s clearly capable of getting that deal done. Nothing wrong with Rutgers, or UConn for that matter. But Vanderbilt would join Notre Dame as the crown jewel of Swofford’s expansion legacy -- first he lands the Irish, then he raids the SEC.

Why the Notre Dame move is terrible for Villanova (VU Hoops)
ACC commissioner John Swofford would like to move his basketball tournament into the World's Most Famous Arena at some point, though, and now with Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame, his offerings look a little more like the Big East than they ever have before. Add Duke and UNC to the mix and you have a tournament that could be a success in New York City.

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