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Boston College Daily Links: COPCO, Northwestern Intel And ACC POY

Switching up the format of the daily links post a bit. Let me know your thoughts on the new format. If you have any links of note, add them to the comments section or shoot us a mail.

On to the links!

COPCO. This week's COPCO is fully operational. Do your worst, internet.

(Special instructions: Don't forget to recommend your favorite captions. Actions > Rec)

Know your enemy. Sippin' On Purple tips their hat to the Northwestern special teams unit. Like BC, the 'Cats aren't traditionally known for even good special teams play, yet here we are, two weeks into the season with Northwestern leading the nation in punt returns. And there's BC at #5? I was the guest blogger over at Lake The Posts talking BC-Northwestern. As some of you know, I'm an alumnus of both schools. And no, who I'm cheering for this weekend is not a question. LTP also notes that only a week after praising this year's Northwestern team, Fitzgerald pulls a 180 and says that the "Cats are "not very good right now."

Will the real 'Cats D please stand up? CBS Sports previews this weekend's matchup Apparently this game will come down to whichever version of the Northwestern D shows up on Saturday. Soaring To Glory also takes a look at the matchup between Boston College's offense and Northwestern's defense.

How about that guy Spiffy? ESPN Boston's Jack McCluskey profiles the BC receivers. Spaz says we have more potential in this year's receiving corps than we've had in year's past. Potential? Maybe.

ACC POY. Rettig doesn't actually have a shot at this thing, but he does crack ACC Sports' Player of the Year rankings at no. 10 this week.

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