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Hockey East Will Not Adopt 4-On-4 Overtime Format

Hockey East will not adopt the optional 4-on-4 format the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel recently approved, according to The Mack Report. The 4-on-4 overtime format was proposed by the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee in June and passed by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel last month, but the decision to implement the new format was left to each conference's discretion.

The panel passed the 4-on-4 system for the five-minute overtime period in regular season games, but left the decision to implement the new format to the individual conferences. Shootouts after the five-minute OT period remains an option for conferences to implement, though HEA has not adopted the shootout format.

I don't have a strong preference either way on 4-on-4 vs. 5-on-5 so long as the playoff hockey format doesn't change, which it won't. You would think a program like Boston College would have a better chance at pulling out more overtime wins skating with a bit more open ice, but I'm not bothered that Hockey East decided not to adopt the new format.

However, I'd be very much against HEA implementing the shootout format, especially at at time when the conference is significantly decreasing the number of league games from 27 to 20 (2013-14) and 22 (2014-15). Ain't nothing wrong with ties.