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Boston College Football: Noel, Pantale, Cleary And Ramsey Named Team Captains

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Happy first day of college football! The Eagles had their first official day of practice today at Chestnut Hill, and there was only a few little tidbits of news. The team announced on their official twitter account that they have named the team captains for this season:

No big surprises there, all four are seniors and have been multiple year starters for the Eagles. I believe the four were selected by their teammates, which is a great honor.

Also in Eagles news, Eric Hoffses reports that red shirted freshman TE/WR Brian Miller missed the first day of practice due to soreness in his knee. It's only the first day, and injuries happen, but let's just hope that this is just a "miss a few days" type injury for Miller. I have a feeling he is going to be major contributor on offense.

Finally, just a reminder that season ticket holders are invited to BC's Family Day this Friday at 3:45. Head over to Alumni Stadium to watch the first practice in pads, and meet the team after the practice.