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Once Upon A Time, In A Land Known As Collegium Bostonese

Boston College (via <a href="">Patricia Drury</a>)
Boston College (via Patricia Drury)

In the land of Collegium Bostonese there once lived a jolly old scribe named Marcus Blaudschun, a merry man in demeanor and in stature. Blaudschun had an envious role in the kingdom, as he was charged with dispatching tiding on the kingdom's sporting clubs, the "Eagles" as they were known to people far and wide.

Blaudschun was a decorated scribe, known throughout the land, for his work in other kingdoms such as Dallasonia and the tropical Miamiopia. When Sir Marcus came to Collegium, he was tired and worn from years of dispatching on sporting clubs. When he arrived at Collegium he wisely befriended the leader of the land, King DeFilippo the great and powerful. Blaudschun saw the power of the King, who excommunicated those who opposed him including Sir Jagodzinski The Fast, and Sir Skinner the Triangle. But with that new friendship came a double edged sword. Marcus was allowed plentiful heaps of information, but King Flip only consented to Blaudschun writing pre-approved trivial pieces of information, usually weeks later than the other scribes of the kingdom. The people quickly became bored with his error filled, already reported reports.

But none of this mattered to Marcus, who reveled in his job, who only made him provide his employer the Boston Gazette with a weekly report. Marcus found the job hard though, and each year he would travel the land for months in secrecy, eating bountiful helpings of delicious cakes and legs of pig to his hearts content. For months the people wondered where Marcus disappeared to, but he had vanished like the wind.

The people in the land were upset with the elder scribe because they wanted more information on the Collegium Bostonese sporting clubs. These people became increasingly desperate, and looked to a marauding group of outsiders known to King DeFilippo as "Bloghuns". The Bloghuns angered Blaudschun because they worked tirelessly, providing the people with information daily, without consent of the King, and worst of all they didn't take a five month sabbatical every year! These people made Marcus look bad to the people, who increasingly turned to the Bloghuns for information when Marcus was busy doing other things.

In the year of 2012, Scribe Blaudschun was stuck in a terrible predicament. The Collegium sporting clubs were all mired in a period of darkness (all except the ice stick puck club), and the people were becoming increasingly restless with King DeFilippo and his faithful Duke Spazoo. Blaudschun, who swore to protect the king at all costs, had to make a choice. He could continue following the Kings order, and tell the people all is well, or he could join the Bloghuns and attack the leadership of the kingdom he loved. He tried the first option, but the people jeered him for it. What to do he thought to himself? Mark had an idea.

Out on the hills of the outside kingdom of Storrs, Marcus prayed to his deity Tranghese the Great. Most people of Collegium Bostonese saw Mark's god as old and out of touch, but Blaudschun stood by Tranghese even during the Kingdom of the Beast/Land of Atlantic Civil War in which he chose the wrong side and sided with the loser in this war.

"Lord Tranghese, I want to support King DeFilippo and Spazoo but it is very unpopular with the people of the kingdom. What should I do?"
"Marcus you should leave this kingdom, and live amongst the Bloghuns, but understand you will never be accepted by them."
"But Lord, I have reported endlessly on Collegium returning to the Beast, even as the kingdom was dying, and the people continue to mock my love of what was. How will this change?"
"Marcus mock them in your first report."
"Really, do you think that is a wise idea?"
"Yes, they will revere your years of dedicated service to the King, and I will continue to provide you with devine inscriptions on how the Kingdom of the Beast will change. Have I ever been wrong?
"Certainly not sir, and I will make sure that I report on all of this on behalf of us both. I will refer to us as the royal "we"

Thy will be done the scribe Blaudschun thought to himself.

So Marcus left the Bostonese Gazette, and exiled himself to the land of the Bloghuns. Just as his Lord predicted, the people of Bloghundia never accepted Blaudschun, but that never troubled Marcus. Supported by a handful of other like minded scribes from the early years, Marcus continued to write reports on the return to prominence of the Beast, the impending fall of the Land of the Atlantic, and the return of Lord Tranghese.

But there was one thing that Blaudschun and his god never foresaw, that in the land of Bloghun, the people didn't care to read from a scribe from times past, especially one that was hard to read and filled with errors. And after the initial excitement of Blaudschun's entry into the land wore off, people let him be on the outskirts, allowed to write his thoughts on his own, just this time no one was there to read them.