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Boston College Daily Links: White Talks New Offensive Scheme

College football is back tonight. Who ya got in the Good For New England game? UConn / UMass on the It's not REAL college football, but it's close.

Ian White and BC Eagles prepare to fly this fall (The Conway Daily Sun)
The Eagles new attack, technically described as a "Multiple I-Back Offense" features a mixture of blocking schemes: zone, man, quick screens and traditional pass blocking for drop back throws. White and his offensive mates are eager to attack with their up-tempo offense, designed to keep defenses on their heels, unable to substitute or to call defensive blitzes. While short of a no-huddle, the plan to high tempo the pace and get to the line quickly requires precision, a high fitness level, and complete mastery of the complex playbook.

BC report: Clancy is the man in the middle. (A Jersey Guy LLC)
“”It’s different,” conceded Clancy. “The biggest change is getting the defense lined up, making all the calls. You have to increase your level of concentration. It’s a lot more strenuous from a mental standpoint. I knew in the off-season, I had to get my football IQ to a higher level."

DelloIacono is walking to new Heights (The Dedham Transcript)
The sophomore, and former football standout at Dedham High, is trying to earn his keep as a walk-on player for the Eagles. So far through camp, which ended last week with one final team scrimmage before their game on Satuday against the University of Miami, DelloIacono is still standing.

WEEK 1 PREVIEW: THE BUFFET IS OPEN (Every Day Should Be Saturday)
What you’ll be watching: Miami at Boston College/Southern Miss at Nebraska (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30 p.m.). In 2003, either one of these games would’ve been pretty fun to watch. As it is, in 2012 your choice is between "probation-hobbled ex-superpower vs. poster child for teams that will launch their coaches into the sun at the earliest possible opportunity" or "regrouping mid-major vs. talented team with a quarterback who throws the ball like he’s the ‘Has this ever happened to you’ guy in a late-night infomercial."

Q&A with Kasim Edebali (
I think my biggest strength is my energy, I'm always running to the ball and always trying to make the tackle. Even though I may be 40 yards away from the ball carrier I'm always running full speed trying to catch up. Emmett Cleary gets annoyed sometimes because the ball isn't even nearby and I'm still going full speed. I can definitely say my biggest strength is my hustle.

8/29/12 Draft SPECIAL: Interview with Al Washington (
BC Draft interviews assistant coach Al Washington. WAWG!

Anderson's Spain Blog: Day 4 (
Sophomore Ryan Anderson and the Boston College men's basketball team traveled by bus from Madrid to Valencia on Wednesday. The Eagles took a tour of the city and enjoyed dinner in the old town before getting some rest for tomorrow night's game.

Dudek commits to national champion BC (
“I talked with my parents and a family advisor,” he said. “I knew I loved BC. They have three championships in the last few years. BC was always the college I had dreamed of going to, and I made the decision. It was such a great run (to the national title) for BC last season, and I remember watching and it didn’t seem like a reality I could play with those guys. They were so much bigger. So it is amazing to be here.”

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