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Five Good Minutes: Miami Football Preview With The 7th Floor

How does one fan base maintain such high levels of swagger despite middling finishes in the ACC in the years post-BC expansion? ... (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
How does one fan base maintain such high levels of swagger despite middling finishes in the ACC in the years post-BC expansion? ... (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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Part two of our Q&A to get to know Boston College's week 1 opponent is courtesy of the SB Nation Miami Hurricanes blog The 7th Floor. Our questions and their answers below.

Be sure to check out The 7th Floor for our answers to their questions on Eagles football.

BC Interruption: Give us your best hated stereotype of a Boston College Eagles fan.

The 7th Floor: Being so close to downtown, do BC alums get the residual effects of the horrendous Boston pro fan? Because that stereotype is probably best encapsulated with die hard Pats fans (since 2001) and die hard Sox fans (2004-2010), all wearing pink hats. As for a Boston College fan, it's pretty much anyone who mentions Hail Flutie.

BCI: How has coach Al Golden been received by Hurricanes fans so far? Evaluate Golden's performance as Miami HC to date.

7th Fl.: Golden has been received as a God-send. He came in, did his homework and immediately became a Master in all things Hurricanes lore. He's locked down recruiting south of Orlando, and you can already see the benefits of the open competition within the roster from the younger guys. Given the timing of the sanctions last year, he did a fantastic job getting even six wins from that group. Jacory Harris was a walking interception time bomb, and in one offseason he was transformed into an actual quarterback. He of course decided to leave one for the road against you guys last year, well, actually, four for the road. Spilt milk here, but if Harris isn't suspended for the opener Miami most likely beats Maryland, and who knows where the season ends up from there. I think we are in greats hands with Golden.

BCI: What are your long-term program expectations? To what extent does the NCAA's eventual ruling on the program in the wake of the Nevin Shapiro scandal affect those expectations?

7th Fl.: When you have the abundance of oil underneath your feet that is South Florida high school football, the expectations at Miami are, and always will be, national titles. I know it seems far-fetched after the last decade of Hurricane football, but that is what the fan base will always demand. There are 2-3 generations worth of older fans who simply won titles every few years, under four different coaches. My personal expectations are (slightly) more reasonable - in any five year window I'd take 3 ACC titles, playing for a 4th, and one title game appearance. In today's college football, you can't ask for anything more than playing for the title and seeing what happens.

As for the NCAA's ruling, I think the actual blow to the program is not going to be all that bad. Granted, that is as long as Mark Emmert doesn't go Happy Valley scorched earth on Coral Gables. If the NCAA re-issues sanctions on UNC in the wake of their academic scandal, I'd start getting worried. But Miami has already forfeited a bowl game, will most likely do so again this year, and the school has worked diligently to fill every NCAA request to date. Golden brought in about 30 recruits this past year in anticipation of future lost scholarships, and is only looking to sign around 16 in 2013. Overall the program is probably not back on stable ground until 2014, once this year's freshman are upperclassmen.

BCI: Syracuse and (especially) Pitt - Excited, or meh?

7th Fl.: After you get past the fact the new playoff system (which will undoubtedly get expanded at some point) is going to prove all this conference expansion meaningless, yeah, I'm excited to add Syracuse and Pittsburgh. They were clearly the two best options. It's really just getting the original Big East band back together, and who doesn't love four fried chickens and a coke?

BCI: Who are these guys listed on the Miami two-deep? Who are the playmakers?

7th Fl.: Too long to list the two deep, but here is their depth chart. Playmakers this year are still on a wait and see basis, but hopefully Stephen Morris can translate his raw talents of arm strength and mobility into plentiful of points. Perhaps reminiscent of Kenny Kelly's skills, if you remember him. A lot of the expected difference makers are so young, you just can't rely on them to produce until you actually see it. Duke Johnson, Denzel Perryman, Anthony Chickillo, Philip Dorsett. Allens Hurns should have a breakout year at wideout. I think Kacy Rodgers at safety is a sleeper pick.

BCI: How does one fan base maintain such high levels of swagger despite middling finishes in the ACC in the years post-BC expansion?

7th Fl.: Median fan IQ level of 85, that's how.

BCI: A hurricane has forced the Hurricanes to practice indoors this week (it's so damn literal). Any impact on this week's preparations and/or on the outcome of Saturday's game?

7th Fl.: Shouldn't be an issue. Isaac came and went and is now onto bigger targets like Les Miles' chest. If it would have done some lasting damage to the Magic City it definitely could have proved a big distraction.

BCI: Not a question, but please beat Notre Dame in Chicago.

7th Fl.: Seeing as they are losing players left and right, they're starting a freshman quarterback, and Miami's very young team will have five games experience to work with....we'll try our best.

BCI: Last one. Prediction time. Who ya got? What's the final score?

7th Fl.: Miami always has trouble up in Chestnut Hill. It seems like every time in fact. However, most of those are later in the year when the thin-blooded Canes can't stand the cold. I think Miami is better and will surprise some people this year (homer - shock!), so I'll go with Miami, 28-21.

For all things Miami Hurricanes, check out The 7th Floor.