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Injuries Mount With Less Than A Week To Go And The Big Finish

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Brian: On Friday, the school announced that starting receiver Bobby Swigert will be sidelined for several weeks, including this coming weekend's season opener against Miami. Swigert was the Eagles most productive receiver last season, catching 44 balls for 470 yards and three TDs in 2011. Swigert is the second starting offensive skill position player BC will be without for the opener, joining starting TE Chris Pantale.

In addition, the Eagles are dangerously thin at running back. Andre Williams has been held out of the past few practices with a leg injury. Finch is recovering from a foot sprain, while Kimble has battled a leg injury. There doesn't seem to be a healthy running back with any game experience to speak of on the roster.

Freshman tight end Michael Giacone has been sidelined with a concussion, while redshirt freshman Brian Miller has been dealing with flare ups to a knee injury that forced him to miss a lot of time during his senior year of high school.

On defense, DB Albert Louis-Jean is out and DT Kaleb Ramsey is battling a nagging injury but is expected to play on Saturday.

To recap: The Eagles will be without their starting cornerback, tight end and best receiver for the first 3-4 games of the season. Not to mention big question marks in the Eagles' stable of running backs. Does the news that Swigert won't be able to go for the first 3-4 games change your thoughts on how the first month of the season will play out? Which of these injuries will be the toughest to overcome for BC?

Jeff: I don't think the news of Swigert changes how I think the first month of the season will play out. First of all, by the time we get to the Clemson games there were bound to be injuries for us or for them that might impact that game significantly. Then looking at the rest of the schedule, I'd be as worried about our road game against Northwestern with or without just about anyone on the team. Meanwhile I expect to beat Army and Maine and I feel that the opening Miami game is really more about the Canes are where there football program is than where ours is.

Since the defensive line is so tough to have depth on in college, I think Ramsey's injury is toughest to overcome if he misses any games. As we saw last season, Kaleb Ramsey was sorely missed on defense. Hopefully he won't miss time this season.

Big Finish

Brian: BC freshmen Joe Rahon and Olivier Hanlan have really impressed coach Steve Donahue so far. Are you expecting big things from the pair of freshman guards this season?

Jeff: I hope they contribute significantly, but I don't expect really big things.

Jeff: For season ticket holders, additional tickets to the Notre Dame game are still available. Surprised?

Brian: The game will eventually sell out. Not all that surprised at this though.

Brian: It appears that Doug Flutie may be on the move, putting up his Natick house for sale and heading to Florida. So this rules him out as the school's next AD, right?

Jeff: Probably best that that rumor dies right now anyways.

Jeff: Local to me here, the University of South Carolina promoted their most successful head coach to role of AD this offseason. Is there any chance Jerry York is BC's next AD?

Brian: No chance.

Brian: The Maryland football team went bowling this week as a team bonding outing. Will this be the only bowling that the Terps do in 2012?

Jeff: Yes, I guess Edsall wanted them to get the team a reward before they are mathematically eliminated.

Jeff: Sean Sylvia and Josh Keyes are in a position battle for the starting free safety position for this Saturday's opener. Who gets the nod?

Brian: I'm expecting Keyes to start but I think it could probably go either way.

Brian: Last one. BC opened as a surprising 1 point favorite against Miami next Saturday. Do you expect the line to move at all between now and game time?

Jeff: Yes, I thought Miami would open the favorite and then a lot of money would flow against Miami bringing the line in our favor.