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Boston College Athletic Director Search: RU's Tim Pernetti, Duke's Mike Cragg Potential Candidates?

For the third time in less than a week, A Jersey Guy stumped for a New Jersey state employee. Mark Blaudschun once again dropped Tim Pernetti's name as a potential candidate as the next Boston College athletics director. Blauds wrote about how the search can go one of two ways -- either the current A.D. route or the associate A.D. / non-A.D. candidates -- serving up Pernetti as an example of the latter.

Of the group of potential candidates among athletic directors, Rutgers' Tim Pernetti fits many of the criteria BC officials are looking for in terms of fund raising ability and overseeing a program that has increased its profile dramatically in the last several years. Whether Pernetti "fits' into the BC mold is the question which has yet to be answered and will no doubt be examined.

With Pernetti's name getting thrown around for the third time in a week, I'm less inclined to believe the conspiracy theories and actually starting to think that maybe Pernetti has a genuine interest in the Boston College A.D. position. Given Blaudschun's numerous ties to BC's old conference, it wouldn't surprise me if Pernetti is leveraging Blauds to get his name out there to gauge whether the school has a mutual interest.

The other name that Blaudschun throws out there is Duke Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Cragg. Cragg is a longtime Duke staffer whose been with the Blue Devils department since 1987. He got his start as an assistant SID and worked his way up to Senior Associate Athletic Director, responsible for the administration of the Duke basketball program (not a bad gig) and also the facilities for intercollegiate and recreation use at the school. Cragg is also responsible for Duke's relationship with Nike and for the 20 year master facilities plan. Lots of pertinent bullets on Cragg's resume -- Duke hoops, apparel contract, master plan -- that could translate well at BC should the school not go the route of hiring a current-standing A.D.