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Boston College Daily Links: Running Back Trial By Fire

BC trio in a rush (
"When Montel was here, he just taught us a lot," Williams said. "He showed us what it’s like to be a starting running back at this level. He definitely showed us our weaknesses and showed us what we had to do to make the next step to step into his position. Once we were thrown into that position, it was just trial by fire. I definitely think that it was a great opportunity that we get to play now, but it was a blessing having him play here first."

Andy Gallik takes center stage for Boston College (
“We have explosive guys at the skill positions in a high-tempo, one-back offense,” Gallik said. “We are just excited to play the first game because we know we can spread the field and put a lot of points up. “We know we have the guys on the line to do that, and we are just ready to play.”

Eagles undaunted by life after Kuechly (ESPN Boston)
"We need him to play well," Spaziani said of Pierre-Louis. "He has a lot of intangibles; he’s fast, strong, [a] good football player. We need him to make some progress in his game, just like we need a lot of guys to step up on defense to offset the production that Luke gave us."

Harris looking to finish strong at Temple (ESPN College Football Nation Blog)
"Well I'll just say I had a great experience at Boston College, and some decisions were made that didn't have me in the plans," Harris said of his dismissal. "So I had to do what was best for me, the school had to do what was best for them and I ended up at Temple coming with a couple of my coaches that were at Boston College."

It’s BC all over again for Falcons backup QB Dominique Davis (
"Right back with him," Davis said Monday. "It’s deja vu, pretty much. I’ll just do the same thing I was doing as a freshman at B.C., just learn from him."

Q & A With Women's Soccer Alicia Blose (
Q&A with senior Alicia Blose, one of six seniors on the women's soccer team.