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Boston College Athletic Director Search Updates

On Monday, ESPN's Andy Katz offered up a pretty fair assessment of DeFilippo's tenure as Athletic Director in his morning 3-point shot. Katz credits DeFilippo for getting the Eagles into the ACC, a move not without its critics but necessary to ensure the future survival of the athletics department. However, Katz also knocks GDF for mismanaging the football coaching hires as well as botching Al Skinner's firing.

He completely mismanaged his football coaches (Tom O'Brien would have stayed, and Jeff Jagodzinski was merely looking at an NFL job) and completely botched Al Skinner's firing. Skinner is still BC's all-time winningest coach and has been out of work in large part because of the way DeFilippo handled the firing.

Regardless of whether you thought Skinner's time on the Heights had run its course, Al still got a raw deal. Katz has stumped for Skinner in the past, so this isn't really surprising. But still curious that the school's all-time winningest coach hasn't been able to find work elsewhere.

As for the search for DeFilippo's replacement, it's unofficially underway. The school won't use an external search firm and instead will run the search internally with Vice President of HR Leo Sullivan heading up the search process. Instead of soliciting applications, candidates will be contacted to gauge interest in the position. Blaudschun mentions that DeFilippo will have some input on vetting candidates, but he won't be part of the search process. The final decision will be made by President Leahy.

Also the department is unlikely to promote from within.

There are aggressive timelines for the search, with the school hoping to install the next Athletic Director the day after DeFilippo officially steps down. Sullivan and the school will compile a list over the next week or so with an announcement hopefully happening by mid-September.

It will be interesting to see how the timing works for the Boston College search relative to the A.D. search down at Clemson. Clemson is looking to fill the Director of Athletics position which will become vacant after Terry Don Phillips retires at the end of his contract in July 2013. Clemson has the luxury of time here and can gauge sitting Athletic Directors' interest in the position slowly over the next 11 months. The unique timing of BC's search may preclude current Athletic Directors from entertaining a move during the school year.