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Will GDF's Retirement Affect The Football Season? And The Big Finish

Brian: You've heard this by now. Boston College A.D. Gene DeFilippo will retire after 15 years as the Eagles athletic director. With DeFilippo set to retire, it seems safe to assume that Frank Spaziani is now on the clock as head coach of the Eagles football program. Gene was one of Spaz's biggest supporters, especially at the end of last season, where he made the unpopular decision -- among many fans and alumni, anyway -- to keep Spaz on the Heights for at least another year.

Eagle in Atlanta thinks that Spaz is now a lame duck, win or lose. There will obviously be some interesting questions of motivation for Spaz and the staff if they think their days are numbered. The dominant storyline for the next month or two will be Gene's replacement and Spaz's fate, not the actual football season, which will obviously take away from the team. DeFilippo's retirement is set for the day after the Parents' Day home game against Clemson, where the school will undoubtedly honor its outgoing A.D.

It just seems like this has the potential to consume the next few months, taking the focus off the football team and the on-field results.

The question: will Gene's retirement affect this coming football season? Will this become an unwanted distraction for the team, the fans and the coaching staff? In other words, had GDF waited to announce his retirement at the end of the season, would the outcome of this season be different? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I don't see how Gene's retirement really changes the football season at all. Yes, Spaz's seat just got a little hotter than it already was but he was in a position that a poor season would cost him his job regardless of whether or not GDF was still around. Maybe now Spaz is a lame duck coach almost regardless of what happens on the field but you know whatever AD takes over will say Spaz has his full support right up until the announcement of a change at the head football coach position.

It might have a affect on the recruiting trail. There could be some negative recruiting going on against BC due to the even more likely uncertainty at the head football coach position going forward. But then for a few recruits, BC might become a more attractive school now since there have certainly been some negative things said and written about Coach Flip over the past year or so.

In the end, our 6-6 season is still going to be a 6-6 season or our 4-8 will still be a 4-8 season. This announcement and the timing of it will not change any results on the field this year.

Big Finish

Brian: UMass football has new lids for the move to the MAC and Division I-A. You like?

Jeff: They're OK. Very MACish I feel. Like Northern Illinois.

Jeff: If you could switch the Miami and Maine games, would you to ensure BC starts off 1-0?

Brian: No. You want to draw Miami as early in the season as possible. The Maine game is the Black Bears opener so no change there.

Brian: HD thinks BC is in good shape in terms of its backup QB situation. Do you agree?

Jeff: Considering Dave Shinskie has a lot of starting experience and he is third string, I'd say we are in good shape if Chase goes down relative to other schools.

Jeff: Jared Dudley believes Tebow will be the starter for the Jets this year. Is he right halfway through the season?

Brian: No clue. Let's just hope BC's version of Tim Tebow isn't starting by midseason.

Brian: Five of the seven ACC Atlantic Division champs have won the division with a record of 6-2. What do you think the magic W number is for the 2012 Atlantic Division champ this season?

Jeff: I'm not betting against 6 wins getting it done.

Jeff: We'll both be at GDF's final football game as A.D. I'm sure they will parade him out onto the field and I know I will give him a standing ovation. Will you?

Brian: I'll give him a round of applause, sure.

Brian: Last one. Georgia Tech will face three 2012 opponents coming off bye weeks, but they will get an extra week to prepare for BC. Will this be a factor in BC's road game in Atlanta?

Jeff: It's always helpful to have extra healing time for injuries as the season goes on, so advantage Yellow Jackets.