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Potential Replacements For Boston College's Athletic Director: Salary Edition

Back in October, USA Today released salary data for 111 of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors. Boston College's A.D. ranked 5th on the list, bringing in an annual salary of $600,884. That placed DeFilippo fifth on the list of ACC Athletic Directors, behind Duke's Kevin White ($908,659), Wake Forest's Ron Wellman ($694,950), Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich ($623,500) and Clemson's Terry Don Phillips ($601,510).

Blaudschun claims that GDF made close to twice that figure two years ago based on incentive clauses stipulated in his 5-year rolling contract. Back in 2009, the Herald also confirmed that GDF made over $1.15 million. So BC will likely pony up for the next athletics director.

This brings me back to the USA Today data set and what it can possibly tell us about the possible replacements for DeFilippo. Let's lay out a few assumptions before we get to the numbers.

1. Boston College will have a number of very good candidates for the position and can attract a candidate currently serving as an A.D.
2. Money won't be an issue
3. The school will pay the next A.D. a total package on par with Gene's current compensation package (in the $600k range)
4. The search committee will value experience leading an athletics department with an FBS program

Nine out of the 120 FBS schools either didn't report athletic directors salary information on the school's 990 (private schools) or did not release an outside income report (public). This excludes, among others, Miami's Shawn Eichorst, Northwestern's Jim Phillips and Stanford's Bob Bowlsby, now Big 12 Commissioner.

If you assume that you aren't going to steal away an A.D. making more money than DeFilippo's annualized salary, this excludes 22 of the 111 athletic directors remaining on the list. That list includes Vanderbilt's David Williams, the highest paid athletics director in the country, the four A.D.s in the ACC making more than Gene and notably, Navy's (and former BC Athletic Director) Chuck Gladchuk.

Similarly, you can probably eliminate the remaining ACC -- and soon to be ACC -- athletic directors from the list. I highly doubt that one of these A.D.s will pull a Debbie Yow and move within the conference. So North Carolina's Bubba Cunningham ($375k while at Tulsa), Florida State's Randy Spetman ($350k), Virginia's Craig Littlepage ($350k), N.C. State's Debbie Yow ($450k), Maryland's Kevin Anderson ($475k), Syracuse's Daryl Gross ($575k), Virginia Tech's Jim Weaver ($578k) and Pittsburgh's Steve Pedersen ($600k) are all out.

This whittles the list down from 120 to 79. Not terribly specific, but we can make some further assumptions to pare down the list even further.

I don't believe this to be true, but let's say for a minute than every other major conference A.D. from the PAC-12, Big 12, Big Ten and SEC is staying put and wouldn't consider a move to Chestnut Hill. This further removes an extra 29 from the list -- eight from the PAC-12, eight from the Big 12, seven from the Big Ten and six from the SEC.

Down to 50. Again, not all that specific, but at least we are now in the ballpark. A bunch of these names on the list have switched jobs since the data was published back in October (notably Buffalo's Warde Manuel to UConn), so you can probably exclude a name or two here from this list.

Here's the remaining list of candidates. Thoughts?